Review 2018

January 20, 2019

A new wave of Vikings

We've rushed into this year of plenty with a huge update of our Viking collection: what has started initially with a humble idea of "let's create a couple of simple Viking style tunics" now has grown into a vast collection of dozens of items in all the categories. Exclusive woolen tunics were sold out in no time:

Limited Graphite Wool Viking Tunic “Ragnvaldur the Traveller” Limited Green Wool Viking Tunic “Olegg the Mercenary”

An impressive range of armour collection development includes leather armours of three levels of beauty with same solid and trustworthy functionality however:

Viking Leather Body Armor “The Evening Star” Viking Leather Vest “Ragnvaldur the Traveller” Fantasy Viking Leather Armor “Olegg the Mercenary”

Three helmets of different aspects including the brand old weathered appearance:

Early viking helmet “The Evening Star” Viking Style Helmet “Ragnvaldur the Traveller” “Olegg the Mercenary” Heavy Fighting Helmet

Three new options to protect your limbs without sacrificing your manoeuvrability:

Viking Splint Greaves “Olegg the Mercenary” Viking Splint Bracers “Ragnvaldur the Traveller” “The Evening Star” Stainless Steel Splint Bracers

Two new shields to cover you and your fellow warrior:

Painted Viking Shield with Etched Accents Painted Wood Viking Shield “Evening Star”

New decorative weapons to threaten your enemies or highlight your bellicose air:

Viking decorative seax with scabbard “Olegg the Mercenary” Viking Hammer Mjolnir by ArmStreet “Ragnvaldur the Traveller” leather axe loop “Ragnvaldur the Traveller” Etched Decorative Seax with Scabbard Decorative weapon “Ragnvaldur the Traveller” Viking Axe Head

And a bunch of colours and materials updates for the items that have earned your trust already:

Viking Leather Bag “Drakkar” Viking Canvas Pants “Ragnvaldur the Traveller” Cotton Viking Pants “Knut the Merry” Wool blend Viking Pants “Olegg the Mercenary” Wool blend Viking Pants “Olegg the Mercenary”

Unicorns are real

Another reincarnation of the splinted and articulated protection of arms, legs and shoulders now has a marvelous unicorn etching (and – spoiler alert – it's just the beginning!):

Splint Arm Harness “Unicorn” Splint Leg Harness “Unicorn” Articulated Western Pauldrons “Unicorn”

Charming details of Spiderweb series

The "Spiderweb" dress is all about the details: to mention a few, look at the combination of different types of sackcloth, at the handmade embroidery and at the detachable sleeves' buttons finishing.

Spiderweb Dress with Sleeves Sackcloth dress Spiderweb with linen embroidery “Spiderweb” Dress Oversleeves

Shields up!

Give rein to your imagination and painting skills or hire the best visual artist in your kingdom to get the real one of a kind pavise shield based on our templates:

Small Hand Pavise Crossbow Pavise (Large)

Snow White

Once upon a time the Snow White got tired of her old attire and look what she's got from ArmStreet! The chemise is as lightweight and as delicate as a spring wind or an early flowering while the upper skirt with an embed corset is a real masterpiece of pattern engineering.

Linen Corset Skirt “Snow White” Medieval linen underskirt “Snow White” “Snow White” Chemise

The safeguarding chains

Few more additions to our armour collection involve designs absolutely new for us – welcome our first steps towards mail standards (chainmail gorgets) and XIV-XV century jack chains arms protection.

Stainless steel chainmail gorget Stainless steel chainmail gorget decorated with leather accents Jack chains manoeuvrable arm protection XIV-XV century

Red Elise anniversary

Dedicated to the 15th birthday of ArmStreet and our best-seller dress "Red Elise", the incredible set of new photos in all the possible colours were presented as well as few accessories and a redesigned apron skirt.

Medieval Linen Skirt Apron “Red Elise” Leather Belt with Metal Accents Secret Garden XIII century women’s low shoes

The Wayward Knight armour

We don't know much about the Wayward Knight and the story behind his striking appearance but we are definitely grateful to this character for the opportunity to get acquainted with the blackened mild steel technology. The full set of armour and matching accessories and arsenal are waiting for you in the Wayward Knight collection:

Black Armor Kit “The Wayward Knight”

“The Wayward Knight” Blackened Klappvisor Bascinet XIV century helmet with visor “The Wayward Knight” XIV century style blackened pauldrons Blackened Arm Harness “The Wayward Knight” Hourglass Finger Gauntlets “The Wayward Knight” XIV-XV century Leg Harness “The Wayward Knight”
Ornamental blackened mild steel mace “Wayward Knight” Stainless dagger and leather sheath set "Wayward Knight" Embossed leather belt loop frog “Wayward Knight” Leather belt with secret pocket “Wayward Knight” Medieval bag “The Wayward Knight” with brass and enamel

XIII century at its best

For those who are particularly fond of the 13th century, we are happy to introduce a few items to intersperse your wardrobe: long tunics, a woolen coat, a belt and a bag:

Long trimmed cotton tunic “Prince Gilderoy” inspired by XIII century XIII Century Travelling Coat Prince Gilderoy Embossed leather belt with etched accents XIII century Leather bag with pockets from “Timeless Middle Ages” collection

Limited edition collectibles

Another limited edition items from the Viking era inspired series are just too beautiful not to mention them here although they are sold out by now:

Limited Edition Viking Pants “Ingvar the Besieger” Limited Edition Viking Tunic “Borghild the Brave”

Two-piece gambesons

Remember the two-piece gambesons we've developed and presented to you in 2017? Now the complete line of those is supplemented by warm woolen, luxury velvet versions and chausses.

Luxurious Velvet Two Piece Gambeson Kingmaker Wool Two Piece Paladin Gambeson “Errant Squire” Linen leg underarmour padding "The Kingmaker" chausses

Spend less than seven minutes to watch the complete overview of all four versions of those:

Cozy and optimistic, the patchwork blanket both reduces the waste of the fabric during the production and provides you with the unique and colourfull accessory for the medieval camping.

Patchwork blanket made of linen and cotton 

Another fairy tale

We can't stand adding more magic to your life – this time with the extension of the "Fairy Tale" collection. Including limited edition sets of the hood with mittens (surprise, they are not sold out yet but it's better to hurry up as this won't last for long!), lots of elaborate hand embroidery and even a real fairy tale in our blog by Madeleine! 

Linen Dress with Embroidered Sleeves “Fairy Tale” Embroidered woolen hood and mittens set “Fairy Tale” Limited Edition “Fairy Tale” Brown Woolen Hood and Mittens Embroidered woolen mittens “Fairy Tale”

Third generation of Gothic Knight armour by ArmStreet

The most shining diamond to surmount this newsy year of 2018 – the third generation of the Gothic armour by ArmStreet, eye-catching and incredibly well thought through.

Medieval Knight Gothic Plate Armour Kit

Gothic style pauldrons with besegews and articulated gorget set Medieval knight Gothic cuirass chest protection XV century articulated Gothic full arm armour Articulated Finger Gauntlets for Gothic Knight
XV century Gothic articulated cuisses with greaves XV century articulated gothic sabatons

Each and every part of this functional and showy armour kit is worth being owned by a noble knight, no doubt! But just in case we've complemented this masterpiece by heraldic accessories with enamel finishing: a chain and a belt. 

Enamelled brass chain of office for Gothic knight Heraldic leather and enameled brass belt for Gothic knight

Wishlists in updated account functionality

And the last but not the least update of the previous year – the wishlists functionality has been added to your ArmStreet account to help you keep an eye on your favorite items and to share your dreams with the ones keen on making them come true.