Skirt Apron “Red Elise”

Medieval flax linen skirt with ties


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Skirt Apron “Red Elise”

Medieval flax linen skirt with ties

Celebrating the 11th birthday of the dress, we've updated the medieval style linen apron skirt, which was designed as a part of our “Red Elise” set. Simple but lovely little thing in a rustic style, an excellent detail for the medieval woman's daily wear now has even more neat folds below the belt line and three cute horizontal pleats just above the lower hem.

The skirt's belt is prolonged to turn itself into ribbons on the sides at the waist level. When tied in bows they work perfectly together with slits in the upper part of the side seams – the material of the skirt doesn't converge at the sideline and opens slightly the contrasting colour of the dress you are wearing the apron with. This accent is much in evidence at photos – please, have a look!
Two sets of laces (three laces 70 cm or 27 1/2" long in each set: two on the outer side and one inside) are placed at the front so you can easily adjust the length of the skirt in a nicely fashion. Just tie up the skirt with the help of said laces to get it out of the dust and add even more drapes to your look. You can use the laces to carry all the small belongings as well: have your rake comb or a purse within reach.

Ideal to beautify the peasant girl's costume or to dress-down the princess' garb. The linen apron is indispensable at the medieval festival, it can be used as a towel or napkin, or a pot holder, and even as a basket for the wild flowers. Take two pieces at once!

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  • 100% natural flax linen.

Skirt features:

  • Medieval style design;
  • Tiny folds at the belt line;
  • Easily adjustable thanks to side ties and front laces;
  • Decorative pleats at the bottom;
  • Lenght of the skirt: 39" (100 cm).

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  • Avalyen 20 of April 2016:

    Hello, like to share a photo of me taken yesterday, finally back home. A moment of stillness in the woods.

    ArmStreet team answered :

    Thank you, Avalyen! The picture is great!

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