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Medieval steel gauntlets for sale

Since the appearance of an armor hand protection always have been a concern in the hand-to-hand combat. Multi-layered  fabric or leather were used for the earliest version — and, sadly but not surprisingly, we have very little traces of these examples. However, to the Roman era metal parts were routinely incorporated into the hand protection — with existing pictorial prove. Earliest existed examples of the Medieval gauntlets are dated to the Langobardian period in Italy and were consisting chain-mail and leather parts.

Until the middle of XIII century chain-mail and hardened leather were steel most popular materials for the gauntlets. Being adequate protection from cutting injuries and providing good dexterity these gauntlets were steel leaving their owners quite vulnerable for powerful blows and thrust. However, advancements in the iron-making and blacksmithing during High Middle Ages made steel plates cheaper and allowed more elaborate elements to be incorporated into the gauntlets. Combination of chain-mail and metal plates prove to be reliable and survived until the end of XVII century when advancement of the firearm made armor altogether less efficient.

First known full plated finger gauntlets  are dated to the second half of the XIV century when Hundred Years War. Compare to the older mitten-style gauntlets they were providing better dexterity, not for free, however: small scales protecting fingers are offering lesser protection against crushing blow then full plated steel mitten-style gauntlets. When hand closed into the fist mittens are creating solid shell around the the hand which proved to be very tough to destroy. That is why mitten-style gauntlets are also survived for the full duration of the armor era. They have been especially popular for the foot tournaments and jousting.

Here in our collection we are proud to present the wide variety of the models of fully functional combat-ready steel gauntlets covering time span from second half of the XIV century to the middle of XVI century. All our finger-gauntlets, mitten-style gauntlets and demi-gauntlets are handcrafted with utmost attention to the safety, quality and details. Designs of our models based on the historical examples of medieval gauntlets and also came as a result of years of sword practice in different styles and constant consultations with SCA marshals, Western martial art experts and historians.  From the basic models to our top-of-the-line lavishly decorated ones — all our steel gauntlets are providing best possible safety in the class.

Based materials for most of the gauntlets is 16 ga stainless steel, however, mild steel or steel of heavier gauges could be also requested. We are also welcome requests for custom modifications and would live your feedback on how to improve our gauntlets even more.

Design & Development: ArtAround
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