Medieval and Renaissance Footwear

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Medieval Boots for Sale

Medieval boots and shoes, like a queen, shine in all its splendor and dictate its own rules of high quality, elegance, and recognizable style.

Since ancient times, people tried to protect their feet from moisture and dirt, burns, and frostbites, as well as against mechanical damage. In addition to practicality, wearing shoes became a sign of civilization, in contrast to walking barefoot, which was considered to be a symbol of poverty. Throughout the Middle Ages, medieval boots were mostly made of genuine leather, the same as we used to manufacture ArmStreet’s medieval boots we offer for sale. Each pair is handcrafted by our skilled shoemakers and inspected by experts to make sure you get the slickest product without a hitch. More than just walking footwear, our boots are intended to show off your sense of medieval style

What are the most popular medieval and Renaissance boots and shoe designs?

At ArmStreet, we make medieval boots, renaissance shoes, hiking boots, shoes, and many more period designs to supply our customers all around the world with perfect comfortable footwear. Here are the most popular designs we offer:

  • High-knee boots for men and women
  • Fantasy boots of various styles
  • Male and female noble shoes
  • Renaissance boots and shoes
  • Viking boots, Viking shoes
  • Pirate boots
  • Ranger "Forest" boots

Fantasy boots for LARP and Renaissance fair

New to LARP and have no basic period boots? Are you tired of period-inappropriate footwear like fake turn shoes or sneakers with chainmail cover people wear visiting Renaissance fairs? Then you've come to the right place to solve that issue. Choose a lightweight pair with rubber soles in our Fantasy Boots store - they are easier to wander around and to maintain waterproof. The best part is, that you can get them custom-sized, with the period or modern footwear soles for a reasonable price. Grab your favorite, pair our fantasy boots easily with any outfit in your larping wardrobe, and hit any outdoor event, be it a Ren fair or a festival!

Knee-high boots and pirate boots for men and women

ArmStreet is known for high-quality and comfortable period footwear, and knee-high boots and pirate boots with recognizable top shapes are still among the most popular designs people choose to build their persons. Our new generation of knee-high boots (for both men and women) look extremely cool and will make your garb complete and your look gorgeous. There are plenty of knee boots on the market, but our solution for knee-high boots and pirate boots unites the cool and authentic look with modern comfort, allowing you not only to look cool but also be very comfortable wearing them throughout the whole event, running and fighting with a sword.

Medieval Noble Shoes

Become a stylishly dressed bride by completing your outfit wearing ArmStreet's uniquely designed women's period shoes. Get a 'look maker' pair made of fine leather or soft suede of vibrant colors with embossed patterns to shine in a royal court. Middle-aged noble shoes look marvelous, blending in with the garb you’re wearing. It's the Cinderella's 'glass slippers' each girl dreams of. Hand stitching helps the leather keep its shape and adds long-lasting durability and the cushioned sole offers all-day walking comfort and prevents fatigue. For true medieval princesses who aren't afraid to have fun! Our male noble shoes would be a great contrast and joy to wear after you took off your knight armor and put on your nobleman medieval costume

Renaissance boots and shoes

Renaissance footwear, whether it's made for men or women, has its distinctive signature design. Renaissance shoes were an important part of the fashion of the time and were often used to make a statement about wealth and status. The boots of the Renaissance were typically knee-high and had a snug fit, providing both style and functionality. They were often adorned with laces, buckles, and embroidery, and this is what you can find in our Renaissance footwear store, choosing one of our beautiful designs which combines an authentic Renaissance period look with comfort and durability.

Viking boots

Viking costume, style, and culture are very popular among Middle Age hobbyists all around the world, and Viking Boots and Viking Shoes are an essential part of the Viking garb. Pretty much like our other footwear, we have Viking boots for men and women and produce shoes for Viking events and costumes in a way that they look authentic but have some hidden structure making them suitable for long events without compromising on your activity's comfort, whether it's a sword-fighting, running or just hanging around in a cool Viking outfit in your new boots. Our Viking boots are made of natural leather, some of them have exquisite details like embossing or fur bordering, and even the simplest of our make and female Viking shoes are made in accordance to the high standards, with brass buckles or leather lacing, sophisticated feet support and many more. So, if you need boots to complete your outfit, ArmStreet Viking footwear shop is the right place to visit.

Custom size or in stock?

Custom-sized shoes are a great option for those who have non-standard shoe sizes, flat feet, large calves or ankles, or have to wear orthotics. Period and modern boot trees, proper cut, and precise craftsmanship allow the creation of truly comfortable custom medieval footwear. Be free of hurt and rubbing, it's easy to order and wear.

On the other hand, a lot of people have pretty much standard sizes and want to get their precious medieval boots or Renaissance shoes as fast as possible. For this case, we have a great selection of our most popular designs available in stock, and you don't need to wait. Taking into account that we normally have designs for both men and women, most customers choose this option

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