Medieval Gloves

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Medieval gloves for sale

From time immemorial human had hands and hands tended to feel cold in low temperatures. So the solution wasn’t slow in coming – elongated sleeves evolved in fingerless gloves which in their turn evolved into gloves at their finest. From bulky but extremely warm fur mittens of the Old Northern tribes to the refined though completely decorative late Middle Ages gloves made of velvet or silk and richly decorated with embroideries and jewelry. Variety of materials could be used depending on the status of the owner and weather conditions of surrounding environment:

  • flax
  • leather
  • silk
  • wool
  • knitted of woolen thread

Glove makers even had their own guild in Europe starting from the 15th century so that everyone who wishes to do so could buy medieval gloves! But mainly they were sewn by the owner, as well as all the other clothing.

All you need is glove, glove is all you need

In our medieval gloves store we are happy to offer you variety of handwarmers: fingerless gloves, mittens and even a muff! We have a series of fingerless halfgloves in different colour combinations – they match almost all the coats and capes you can find in our shop. They are decorated with handmade embroidery and would be a perfect accessory both for everyday life and for a special occasion. Not that many medieval events during the cold season? No worries – you can wear your gloves by ArmStreet in everyday life. We’ve made them elegant and very convenient to use with your touchscreen smartphone. For your completely medieval smartphone, of course!

Simple (ok, not that simple indeed) medieval gloves in viking style are made of natural wool and completely lined with flax linen. They use a pattern similar to the Icelandic Gardar mittens from 10th century and are ameliorated by handmade stitches in contrasting colour linen thread. They also feature contrasting foldable cuff.

Faux fur muff gains the lead in terms of simplicity of getting hands in and out. Match it with corresponding fantasy coat and turn heads wherever you go.

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