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Medieval Pants For Sale

Any reenactment enthusiast, SCAdian, LARPer or Battle of the Nations participant looks for where to buy medieval pants when getting ready for an event. It is hard to imagine, but still, mankind was not acquainted with pants for thousand years! An assumption is that they came into being when man first began to use horses for riding because the bare-legged ride is uncomfortable.

The “pants time” has come after the 4th century, when some wise head invented the stirrup. From now on, a warrior could ride a horse and shoot or hit with spear or sword at a time, but he was sorely in need of pants. Scythians, Sarmatians, Gauls, Celts and other Germanic tribes were the first trousered peoples in Europe. Interestingly, the civilized nations of antiquity completely ignored pants - Egyptians and Greeks, Babylonians and Assyrians, even the Romans did not wear them, considering wearing pants a hallmark of barbarians.

But the Great Empire collapsed, and Middle Ages have presented a new look of trousers: comfortable, hard-wearing and compatible with many other men’s garments. Period pants from ArmStreet suit every pocket and meet all the stated requirements. A wide range of our medieval pants store allows choosing the appropriate pants with comfort. Check the following models:

  • wide Viking pants
  • Thorsberg Viking Pants
  • one piece and separate chausses
  • padding armor pants
  • classic medieval pants

Middle Ages Pants

Around the 11th century long men's overcoats became shorter, and primitive pants were replaced by tight woolen stockings, called chausses or hosen. These were true medieval pants. Initially, each pant leg was a separate piece, so in many languages the word ”pants” is used only in plural. Medieval chausses featured snug fit and were tied to the belt, and since the 12th century - to the jacket.

Striving to outdo each other in luxury, the nobles of 14-15th centuries used to wear two-color chausses tucked into high boots. While medieval soldiers used chausses pants as padding clothes, wearing them under the harness to protect the legs from abrasions and scratches coming from the armor.

Need something to get into and go? Then the medieval pants are your new best friends and we've got them in all sorts of designs.

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