“Knut the Merry” Viking Pants

Thorsberg inspired cotton trousers

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“Knut the Merry” Cotton Viking Pants

Thorsberg inspired trousers made from comfortable cotton

Perhaps living a simpler life than his friends, Knut takes joy in the small things and has little time for the more serious of folk who might ask him questions like “how did you get out here?” and “where are your shoes?”. No, Knut cares not for axes and swords, or gambling, or even travelling… instead he revels in the season’s first snow, good vodka, and well fitted pants. Maybe we should all be more like Knut.

These pants are well fitted, indeed! These are the cotton version of our popular Eric Viking Pants, and are a little bit more robust than their linen counterpart. Constructed from a beautiful cotton, they have great texture and look so good you could almost wear them outside of a medieval setting! That being said, they do have a historical basis: we designed them based on the Thorsberg moor find in Germany. Thought to have been worn in the IV century, these Dark Age pants are thought to have a low crotch and tight fit due to the size of the looms cloth was woven on at the time. Originally, these pants were likely to have been made of wool, and included socks which made them comparable to a hose-type garment. For ease of wear, we have removed the foot bits so that you can just wear your modern socks with them.

All seams on this garment are well finished and the crotch and bottom area are double layered for durability, so they’ll surely be a great addition to your wardrobe. These pants also include belt loops, so they can be worn with your favorite belt - may that be a piece of rope or something fancier. If you aren’t ready (or haven’t had enough vodka…) to go barefoot in these pants, they look great with mid calf boots or winningas (viking style leg wraps) and shorter shoes. If you do plan on going on long adventures in the woods, we recommend looking at our “Ragnvaldur the Traveller” Pants: they’re made to the same pattern but out of more water-resistant fabric, so you won’t get quite as soggy.

Please note that these pants are manufactured in fixed sizes only, so please take a look at our measurement chart to ensure you’re selecting the right size.
To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • 100% Cotton.


  • Historically inspired design;
  • Comfortable;
  • Slim fit;
  • Low rise;

  • Belt loops to add your own belt.

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  • Nathan Arroyo 25 of September 2019:

    Very high quality trousers and they fit well, even if I bought is size larger :)

  • Brian Downard 18 of August 2019:

    The pants are nice and appear period correct, one belt loop did come apart the first time I tried them on and will need to be re-sewn but I would still recommend this Item, looks great and is very comfortable

  • Samantha 24 of April 2019:

    I was curious if the crotch on these are low enough that those with touching thighs would start to chafe? I can't see it being a big problem but I'm just concerned. Thank you!

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Samantha, yes the crotch on these pants is low. 

  • Vesselin 30 of October 2018:

    Can you custom make them for a 194 cm tall person?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Vesselin! Yes, please simply select custom size option for the pants. 

  • Anthony Maxam 10 of August 2018:

    I’m looking for a shirt similar to what the model is wearing in the picture; do you sell that particular item or anything similar?


    Hi! Yes, the tunic is available for purchase here

  • Chris 12 of May 2018:

    These pants fit very nice. I love the free movement that I have with them. We were concerned they wouldnt fit very well but I think out of the two pairs of pants I ordered these ones fit the best. I have a few ideas why. Thanks for the clothes. I got these, Ragnvaldur the Traveller boots, the under tunic and Eric the Scout tunic.

  • Dennis Grace 15 of April 2018:

    If buying multiple items, is shipping combined, or is it per item of the order?


    Hi Dennis! Shipping charge is combined/reduced automatically at the checkout. 

  • Bruce Kinghorn 02 of March 2018:

    Hi! Are you planning to release a set of winningas to complement your Viking/Saxon range of pants?

    Armstreet Team:

    Hello, thank you for your question. We have linen pants with winningas included.

    You can order those winningas separately, just contact our support.

  • Rognvaldr 02 of February 2018:

    A quick question: Are the seams hand finished or machine finished, and if machine finished, are the inseams sewn on the inside to hide the machine stitching? I would like to use these for reenactments. Thank you.


    Hi! The seams are machine finished and hidden inside. 

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