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Viking Undertunic Shirt

Viking Undertunic Shirt
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Natural fine flax linen
White fine flax linen

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“From the fury of the Northmen deliver us, O Lord.”

Viking Undertunic Shirt

Kragelund Mose flax linen undertunic

Undertunic is a very important part of any medieval wardrobe. You can use it both as a tunic and as an traditional underwear under your main clothes. Having one or better several undertunics makes your medieval camping more comfortable and easy. You can sleep in this shirt, you can use it as main clothing when it's hot and as extra layer under your main clothes when it is colder.

This tunic is not as simple as it looks. Instead of using classic T-shape tunic pattern we decided to go with less known, but more comfortable Kragelund Mose tunic design (this pattern is known by medieval tunic found on a body in a Danish bog at Kragelund Mose). Its sleeve design provides better fit and more flexibility for arms.


  • 100% natural flax linen;

Shirt features:

  • 100% natural flax linen fabric;
  • Historically accurate and comfortable fit design;
  • Perfect manufacture quality;
  • Neckhole lacing;

Kragelund Mose Tunic Design

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Hello i would like to ask a question i study viking fashion and i would like to ask something about this particular tunic. shouldn't there be a slit in the back to ? according to the cuts ? Thank you PS: sorry for my english.

ArmStreet team:

Probably according to the original historical cuts there should be a slit, but since we are not re-enactors we don`t feel it necessary to make it here :) It can be added on request.


I have a chest of 92cm and a waist of 72cm, yet I stand at 190cm tall. Would a small or medium suit me better or should I go for a custom size? Thanks!

ArmStreet team:

You need to get a custom size tunic, since the men's clothing of standard sizes is designed for full height 178-180 cm, should fit fine to the 175-183 cm, but it wiil be too short for you, sorry.

David Commini:

Got my shirt today when I checked mail, so I guess yesterday. I only had ordered it less than a week ago and I was expecting a longer ship time. The tunic looks and feels great! I have been looking for an affordable tunic like this for some time now and I am glad that I was finally able to find one. Great job guys!

ArmStreet team:

Thank you sooo much, David! Always welcome back to ArmStreet!

Steve Kelly:

Do you offer a different combined shipping price for multiple clothing items ordered at the same time?

ArmStreet team:

Yes, delivery of each subsequent item in your cart costs less. To estimate the postage, simply add your items to cart, and shipping charges will be combined automatically.

Also please note our special offer: -10% discount on related products! Click "go to cart" and check which items are associated with what is already in your cart, and get a special discount on them.

Rowena Whaling:

Can I order this shirt (because we love the way it's cut & the weight) decorated with trim as on Linen Viking Tunic “Bjorn the Woodman” with Accents? I love the "Dragon trim'. So the wide Dragon trim around the bottom and at sleeves. If you will do this, how much extra will it cost? Thank you, Rowena

ArmStreet team:

Can be made with wide Dragon trim around the bottom and wrists for $25 extra, simply add a comment to your order. Please note that the front slit cannot be trimmed with wide trim.


Just wondering if this tunic and the Bjorn tunic have machine visible hems? Thanks!

ArmStreet team:

Our items are sewn on the sewing machine. The seams are not noticeable due to the French seam (on chemises and shirts) and matching color fabric edging (dresses).

Bob Harper:

I need a larger size is this possible

ArmStreet team:

To date we don't have this shirt in larger size in stock, sorry. But you can always order it in custom size (made-to-measure).


Do you provide combined shipping on multiple items? Thanks for your time, Denis

ArmStreet team:

Yes, delivery of each subsequent item in your cart costs less. To estimate the shipping charge, simply add your items to cart, and shipping will be combined automatically.

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