Clothing care guide

The more accurate are your handling and care of our products, the longer they will gladden you

General washing instructions:

  • please remove all laces before washing;
  • our trims do not bleed during laundry process;
  • divide light and dark clothes and wash them separately;
  • items made of cotton and flax linen can be slightly wet while being ironed.

Instructions for fabric


Use water of the temperature not higher than 30°C (86°F) in gentle/delicate mode. Extraction also in gentle/delicate mode. Hot drying is allowed.

Flax linen

Use 40°C (104°F) water for wash in gentle/delicate mode. To prevent tarnish an alkaline solution or color safe laundry detergent should be used. Extraction (spinning) in gentle/delicate mode to simplify the ironing. Please don't use hot drying and do not pre-soak linen clothes.


Please, use only dry cleaning for all woolen clothes. Do not wash!

Artificial velvet, faux suede, sackcloth flax, hopsack linen

Please, use only dry cleaning. Do not wash! These instructions also apply for all our vests, corsets, corset belts, bodices and cloaks (excepting chiffon cloak which is hand washable).

Embroidered items

The items embroidered with beads and tiny pearls can be washed only manually in a very delicate way and without any extraction. After laundry let the water drain off, then lay out the costume and let it dry in horizontal position.

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