Medieval Arm armour

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Medieval arm armor for sale

In the medieval period high quality steel was an expensive resource, and metalwork was significantly time consuming and required advanced skills not every village possessed a delegate of. Thereby start-up kits for a rookie soldier often excluded limbs protection in favor of helmet and a good sword. The middle ages arm armor evolved from simple thick leather cuff bracers to plate armour thoughtfully shaped, richly decorated and complemented with functional extras such as besagew or folded edges aimed to change the direction of enemy blows.

Materials used for production: natural leather; mild or stainless steel; etched or embossed ornaments; brass decorations; solid rivets and reliable fittings.

Freedom of selection and lots of possible combinations

In our medieval arm armor store you can choose from the most popular types:

  • Bazubands
  • Splinted rerebraces and vambraces of different kinds
  • Forged plate gothic arm armour
  • Historically accurate late XIV century stainless steel set

Once you buy arm armor from us, you can take it to pieces and use in any setting or combination to adapt the level of protection to your current need. Full set of medieval arm armor in most listings contains rerebraces (upper cannon), vambraces (lower cannons) and couters. The kit can be easily disassembled so each piece can be used separately or paired with another element: for example, a vambrace and an elbow combination, rerebraces with couter or just the elbow itself.

We pay particular attention to all the tiny details so you can adjust the armour with the help of leather straps with reliable buckles, attach it to your under-armour padding and connect the elements together with leather laces.

Most of the models we offer are based on original historical designs, but we do not limit ourselves in our desire to deliver great protection and outstanding flexibility properties to our customers. SCA or HEMA, buhurt or appearance items – we are sure to accommodate your request and guarantee the highest quality and the most friendly support.

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