Viking boots and shoes for men and women

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Viking boots and shoes for men and women

We offer a great selection of Viking footwear. You can find very basic and simple designs of leather shoes for men and women, laced boots and shoes, and several models of Viking boots. Starting from simple and sturdy black leather boots for the Old Norse warriors to richly embellished female shieldmaiden boots with or without embossing in different colors.

Historically, Viking footwear was an essential part of the Viking visual culture. Vikings were known for their craftsmanship skills and unique designs. One aspect of their culture that often goes overlooked is their footwear. The footwear worn by Vikings was not only practical for their lifestyle but also reflected their craftsmanship and ingenuity.

Vikings typically made footwear from leather, with the soles often reinforced with iron or thicker leather. The shoes were designed to be sturdy and protect the wearer, whether sailing on longships or traversing rugged terrain. Additionally, the shoes were often adorned with intricate designs and patterns, showcasing the Vikings' skill in leatherworking.

We offer a unique balance between historical designs and modern comfort, reinforcing our Viking footwear soles with modern materials that look historically correct and provide a reasonable feel of the terrain typical for the period. You can also dig deeper into our design process by reading about major Viking styles in our blog.

By now, we are happy to offer you a wide selection of Viking footwear to choose from:

  • Viking boots for men;
  • Viking boots for women;
  • Female Viking shoes;
  • Male Viking shoes;
  • Viking leather sandals

Viking boots

Viking boots are a unique and iconic footwear style that has been popular for centuries. The design of these boots is characterized by their sturdy construction and high shaft, often decorated with beautiful details such as embossing or fur bordering. The pattern of Viking boots is not only stylish but also practical, providing protection and warmth in harsh weather conditions. These boots are typically made from leather, with sturdy soles and simple yet effective lacing systems. The construction of the boots was designed to provide protection and support for the wearer, whether a warrior, a farmer, or a hunter, while also allowing for ease of movement and agility.

Viking shoes

Viking shoes are a basic type of footwear worn equally by men and women. Simple leather shoes were normally laced up or strapped and were an everyday part of the Viking outfits. Our medium-height leather Viking shoes are an extension of our Viking footwear line, providing modern comfort, a traditional look, and typical Old North patterns embossed on different footwear elements.

Viking sandals

Those were typical summer footwear when Vikings enjoyed a short period of warmth and relatively comfortable weather conditions. Viking sandals have a very recognizable design, and our sandals would be a perfect match for your everyday Viking outfit.

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