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Viking's Leather Sandals “Ingrid”

Lightweight leather women's shoes


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Viking's Leather Sandals “Ingrid”

Lightweight ancient leather footwear

This unbelievably sophisticated design is really ancient and authentic and is based on historical findings. Sandals were favorite footwear of many ancient cultures, Vikings in particular.

These sandals are made of number of small scales providing reasonable ergonomics (which is truly unusual for ancient footwear) and look great on thin women's ankle with lacing emphasizing elegant calf shape.

Modern soles ensure a secure grip and are perfect for different types of activity - from usual walking to dancing. They consist of several layers: leather fiber board, porous breathable orthopedic base and ribbed rubber outsole.

The sandals are part of our “Shieldmaiden” collection and look appropriate with both linen dress or tunic or combat gear.

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Important note: Brown, Natural and Cream leather shades may vary, as unfortunately we can't control color of leather which comes from our suppliers. Sometimes it may be darker or lighter, so if tone of the leather is important factor for you, please contact us before purchase to ascertain which color exactly we have in stock at the moment. Thank you for understanding.


  • Natural leather;
  • Leather lacing;
  • Modern sole.


  • Authentic design;
  • Lightweight and elegant.

This item is part of the “Shieldmaiden” collection

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  • leanne 21 of September 2023:

    Hello the brown socks the model is wearing when will you have these in stock? I have every single colours you have want brown ones here

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hello, we have a big variety of color selection and you are welcome to check all the socks that we offer here: https://armstreet.com/search?searchquery=socks&search=

  • Victoria 30 of April 2018:

    Is there any way I can put things in a wishlist or something? I can't buy anything at the moment...

    ArmStreet Team:

    Dear Victoria, we are happy to inform you that Wishlist will be available on the website within a month :) 

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3 Feedbacks

  • leanne 05 of September 2021:

    Love these sandals i wear them alotvery comfortable and goes with everything i wear

  • Diana 04 of August 2020:

    My friends I thank you for all the beautiful clothing and shoes but these are Scottish shoes not viking. Yes they taken on and want to be my people just like the Irish who land was invaded to. We are not upon our land given to us. Your clothing is right though thank you again. Diana Bliss

  • Serena Lathan 02 of May 2020:

    Gorgeous sandals!!! Armstreet genuinely makes the most beautiful shoes!! I highly recommend them

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