Not every era and not all nations can boast such women as the Scandinavian Viking ladies – women that could enjoy a vast array of rights and endless freedom.

A Viking woman was a ladylove and a source of inspiration, a mother and a domestic goddess – but at the same time she could defend honour and home being fully armoured and ready to go into battle alongside with men and even command the warriors. Scandinavian beauties married and divorced at will, conquered land and revenged insults, wore dresses and jewellery, weapons and armour suits.

Our new collection “Shieldmaiden” combines all these images offering various items of clothing and accessories ranging from summer sandals to durable boots, from the linen tunics and sundresses to light but reliable armour.

With the “Shieldmaiden” collection you can create a memorable image of a Viking lady who is easy to fall in love with but hard to win.

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