This is a collection for those who are fierce yet feminine, consisting of everything from armor to accessories. Find your inner Viking and prepare for battle!

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A shield maiden is a source of inspiration to everyone around her: it is difficult not to fall in love with her revered battle capabilities and her ability to be both a domestic goddess as well as the defender of her own home. A free spirit, she is only tied down by her own sense of duty and love for her family and village. She would marry and divorce at will, follow her heart, conquer land and defend her honor from any who would insult her. One thing is very clear – you should not mess with her.


Not every era and not all nations can boast such fearsome warriors as those depicted in Scandinavian mythology. Known as a shield maiden, these women were depicted as taking roles that were generally thought of as masculine, training to become fighters and participating in battles and raids. It is difficult to deny the appeal of this kind of character – it is undeniably empowering to imagine a woman in the Dark Ages growing up in a society with stories of strong women. Though the actual existence of the female Viking warriors is a topic of heavy debate, we choose to focus on the fantasy of the matter and has designed a set of clothing heavily inspired by both the tales of Valkyrie and the actual existence of Viking women. We feel that the concept of the shield maiden is alive and well, existing in each and every one of us.


We have included everything that a Viking woman may wear: dresses made of sturdy linen that doesn’t drag on the ground, accessories and jewelry, ornamental weapons, shoes, and of course, shield maiden armor to keep you safe in the heat of battle. We have used practical materials that wear well and are built to last, as well as a combination of historically inspired patterns and a bit of fantasy to help them flatter the modern figure. We have also been heavily inspired by art and embroidery of the time, and have created a variety of motifs and patterns you will see repeated in etching, trims and leather embossing. With the “Shieldmaiden” collection you can create a memorable image of a Viking lady who is easy to fall in love with but hard to win.

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