"Solveig" woolen Viking dress

Limited edition tunic with leather trim


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"Solveig the Konung daughter" woolen Viking dress

Limited edition warm tunic with leather trim

This barren land? Is this the birthright destined for my rule? It lacks the might befitting the Konung's bloodline. The feeble drakkar, too, fails my expectations. I hunger for bold conquests and longships that sow terror across the seas!
Solveig the Konung daughter

In the realm of Viking splendor, where icy winds whisper tales of the North Sea coasts and grand fjords, Solveig lived. She, the cherished daughter of the Konung, reveled in a life that oscillated between the battlefield's thrill and the longhouse's diplomacy. For her, the spoiled yet resplendent princess, this limited edition woolen Viking dress was crafted — an exclusive garment that blends practicality, comfort, and style to cater to Solveig's every whim. Drawing inspiration from historical Viking attire, this 7/8-length dress boasts sleeves that gracefully taper from broad shoulders to narrow wrists. Its loose silhouette offers Solveig the freedom to move gracefully and quickly, a perfect canvas for her royal presence. The wide skirt, enriched with gores, cascades elegantly with each step Solveig takes, creating a mesmerizing display of Viking sophistication.

This dress acts as a stage for subtle yet enchanting details. Exclusive trim with duck motifs adorns the fabric along the bottom, highlighted by a wool cord. A nod to Solveig's refined taste, Viking knotwork trim and soft leather edging decorate the sleeves and neckline and add a touch of luxury. Hand-made herringbone stitches along the gores and arms match the dress's textured weave. Every meticulous detail bears the mark of skilled seamstresses, ensuring well-finished seams and concealed raw edges.

The dress is crafted from the finest 100% natural wool in a tweed weave of remarkable durability. A textile features breathability, insulation, and versatility for diverse pursuits, whether adorned in layers or paired with armor.

Please note that the matching textile belt is not included but can be purchased in our store.

In the limited expanse of this edition, only 31 dresses would emerge, each bearing a hand-embroidered runic serial number from 1 to 35. Designed based on the Ogham alphabet, these serial numbers are an intimate emblem of each dress's uniqueness — a token of regality befitting Solveig, the Konung's cherished daughter.

Ogham refers to the earliest written representation of the old Irish language, forming words using Gaelic symbols commonly associated with the Druidic class. Possibly it was intended as a secret form of communication. Ogham writing appears as the series of lines and angles on monumental inscriptions carved in stone pillars and various megaliths dating from 2th-6th centuries A.D. But more than that, its symbols underlie a divinatory system much like the Runes, correlating with the lunar calendar.

Runes samples

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  • 100% Italian wool tweed;
  • Leather edging;
  • Exclusive trim;
  • Woolen rope.


  • Limited edition - 31 tunics left!
  • Embroidered limited edition rune and matching pendant;
  • Beautiful wool tweed;
  • Leather edging;
  • ArmStreet's exclusive trim;
  • The classic design of the Viking tunic.

This item is part of the “Shieldmaiden” collection

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1 Comment

  • leanne 07 of January 2024:

    This is so beautiful another dress to die for to wear and cloak like all wish to have this amongst my huge armstreet collection years of my wardrobe build up

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