Medieval Clasps

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Medieval clasps for sale

During the early period of garment manufacturing, when elaborated sewing patterns and built in fasteners were yet to be discovered, there was already a market for warm overclothes and elegantly draped fabrics. Tiny element to fix either heavy wool or weightless silk became popular in a blink of an eye, expanded both geographically and chronologically and remained in-demand – from late Bronze Age till our days, brooch can easily be nominated “the most long-lasting accessory type” award. In spite of the fact that clasps varied significantly depending on the region, social status, historical period and evolved from straight pins to complex gear with springs and hidden closures, their functioning principle remains invariant for thousands of years. What an excellent opportunity to add a glimpse of splendor and outstand from wider public while keeping your cape in the right place! When buttons were invented, the role specialization of the middle ages clasp shifted from fastening to decorative employment even more.

To satisfy all the possible tastes and demands we've mastered different techniques of pattern replication for medieval clasps:

  • etching
  • cutwork
  • casting

The default material for fibulas is brass though some cut-through and etched designs can be produced of stainless steel.

Custom medieval clasps for themed events and everyday life

In our medieval clasps store you can find the most popular examples of archeological findings; the casted brass fibulas we offer are replicas of museum quality, made with attention to the details and according to historical sources. However, we didn’t practice self-denial and yielded to the temptation to create completely unique and fantastic accessories which in equal measure suit period persona and stand out more than anything you’ve seen before.
In any case, if you decide to buy a medieval clasp from ArmStreet, you can be sure that even for imaginary items of our own creation, deep investigation of historical references and descriptive materials forestalls the appearance of every line or letter in order to stay in character. Some of them have bright and recognisable “personality” (such as Viking brooches) while some are modest enough to beautify office wear – just have a look at the heart shaped “Fairy Tale” fibula! We bet you can’t stand adding some magic to your everyday life, especially when it’s that easy to do. We deliver worldwide and there are always clasps in stock waiting for you and ready for dispatch.

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