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Brass Etched Steampunk Brooch

Halloween edition brass cloak clasp

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Steampunk Brooch

Halloween edition etched brass cloak clasp

Here, in Armstreet, new product design is a long process with a lot of people engaged, discussions, technical expertise and so on...

But sometimes it's just like a piece of cake.

Someone says: “We have a photosession in three days and we need a brooch for this cool black Halloween cloak and I have no idea how we can make it”.

And someone else says: "Don't worry, I have an idea. I always wanted to make an asymmetrical fantasy brooch on occasion and here is this brilliant chance. I'll take that awesome Alchemist's Daughter patterns and put them on two different round dished plates with chain and it's gonna work". And here it is, it works!

This brooch has been designed as a part of our funny Halloween set to match our dramatic black cloak, it has steampunk style astrological symbols etched on brass and it looks like it came from another reality.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

Please note that this item made of stainless steel/with stainless steel accents will be non-blackened, as blackening cannot be performed on stainless steel.

Features and size:

    • Steampunk style etched pattern;
    • Fantasy asymmetrical fibulae: 3 1⁄6 in and 2 1⁄6 in (8 cm and 5/5 cm);
    • Length of chain: about 4 in (10 cm);

    This item is part of the “Moonless Night” collection

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4 Feedbacks

  • Cyrus 31 of March 2022:

    An excellent clasp with sturdy chain, looks great on the halloween cloak!

  • Megan 14 of May 2020:

    The clasp looks great in person and works really well on your cloak.

  • Charlotta 12 of May 2020:

    Six stars if I could give it! This is a beautifully substantial cloak clasp that has served here for several years as an all-round piece for both casual and special wear. The bigger disk is about the size of my palm! A good rule of thumb that applies to brooches in general, not just this one, is to go over the tips of the needles with a very fine whetstone for knife sharpening before you start using it, to make sure that it is absolutely smooth and sharp and glides as smoothly and with as little snag as possible through fabric. I especially like this one for draping old loom width (70-80 cm) wool shawls as cloaks. (You hang a 70-80cm wide and approx 250- 300cm long piece over your right shoulder with the end hanging at wrist-fingertip height and the underside of the fabric facing upward, sweep the long end flat across your back to hang over your left shoulder as well, then fold this part inwards once at the left side of your neck so that the upper side of the fabric is face up, sweep it once around your neck back over the left shoulder making sure the upper side of the fabric stays up and doesn't get twisted. Grab one end in each hand and yank a bit so that the tension is distributed evenly then pin your Steam punk brooch to each side of the fabric at about collar bone height, yes pin the right side to the underside up part, not the top pass across your shoulder. Finally arrange the part that drapes over your right shoulder nicely, and voila! You have a really cool two tone (if the fabric sides are different) cloak, no sewing skills required)

  • S_valis 27 of December 2017:

    I bought these kind of last minute for my hubby for Christmas for his steampunk costume he wants to build. The team was awesome to answer my questions whenever they popped up and they were willing to help me with the UPS shipping when it ran into problems. It arrived on the 22! It made it with 3 days to spare!!! I was able to wrap it and everything! When he opened it on Christmas his expression was absolutely everything I could have hoped for. The clasp was absolutely gorgeous and he was instantly enamoured with the detail work of the piece and the beautiful authentic feel of it. He is so excited to collect the pieces he has in mind for the rest of his costume. Thank you so much! It was expensive but so very worth it and your customer service was excellent. I can't wait to save up to order some more items!


    Hi Stephanie! We are so happy the brooch made it in time! :) Next time please take a picture so we could see the face as well. ;) We all wish you the happiest holidays and you are always welcome to ArmStreet!

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