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ArmStreet is proud to present our continually growing collection of Medieval and Renaissance Helmets designed for period combat use.

These are fully functional replicas of Medieval and Renaissance helmets for:

  • SCA combat;
  • Rebated Steel Medieval Combat Tournaments;
  • Historical Reenactment;
  • Western Martial Arts practice;
  • For use in television, theaters and motion picture productions

From ancient times a sturdy helmet was the most important possession of the warrior — as it not only provided critical protection for the head and face, but served as an outward sign of the warrior’s status, wealth and position in his society.  While perhaps not as prestigious as the sword, even the simplest helms during the Carolingian period cost the equivalent of two cows!

Later, during the Middle Ages and into the Renaissance, a knight’s helm was as distinctive to his persona as was the sword he carried at his hip.  Often highly decorated with engravings and bearing a distinctive helm crest that instantly identified him to supporters in the stands at tournament and opponents across the field of battle.

The ArmStreet Collection spans the eras of the late 8th to early 9th centuries, as in our version of the famous “Gjermundbu” helm; through the ever popular 14th century, with its distinctive “Churburg” Hounskull helmet, and into the full flower of the 16th century with Burgonets and characteristic Armet/Close Helms.

However, we didn’t stop there – knights and men-at-arms didn’t only serve in the battlefields of Europe, but into the Slavic and Central Asian lands as well.  Warriors here developed their own, unique style of armour that blended seamlessly with their weapons and styles of combat.  We have tried our best to represent these often overlooked styles of helms from Eastern Europe, those of the Ottoman Empire, and from the Russian Steppes.

We handcraft every helmet, utilizing armouring techniques going back over 1000 years as we feel this gives our armour a distinct “feel” that sets them apart from armour pounded out by machines.  Our attention to the smallest detail is to ensure the quality of our products and, more importantly, the safety of the knights that choose to wear our armour into battle.  We base all of our designs on historical examples and have visited many of the greatest museums in Russia, Eastern Europe, Europe and North America to photograph, handle and pattern our pieces off of existing original examples.

All of our helmets are rigorously tested to meet, and exceed, the safety regulations of the appropriate organization in which it is to be used.  It is important to stress that the standards are different for each type of martial activity our armour may be used in and we therefore strongly recommend that you research the rules and regulations of the style of fighting you are planning to participate in.  Order a helm that is best suited for the style of combat that you are undertaking and feel free to contact us with questions and assistance in making your choice.  Remember, a helm that is perfectly suitable to be used with rattan is probably insufficient for use in rebated steel or jousting competitions.

At ArmStreet we strive to ensure that our clients receive the highest level of customer service and satisfaction from each and every order they place. As always, we are open to working closely to modify and personalize your piece of armour, feel free to discuss this with us!

Design & Development: ArtAround
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