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From Simple Beginning to Valiant Ends: The Errant Squire Collection

From Simple Beginning to Valiant Ends: The Errant Squire Collection

January 02, 2018

We set out to create a well designed, carefully made kit of armor intended to take ambitious squires all the way through to knighthood. Using all of the same premium materials and construction methods as the Paladin Collection, this re-imagined set of armor offers all of the same great design as the Paladin without the ostentatious etching and heavy price tag.

Happy Holidays from ArmStreet!

Happy Holidays from ArmStreet!

December 30, 2017

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from the ArmStreet team. Take a look at the hard work our elves have been doing in our workshop to make sure your Christmas presents get to you in time!

What Makes a Princess?

What Makes a Princess?

December 01, 2017

This fresh take on our “Princess” collection reboots the popular line of dresses with a breathtaking photoshoot. Through stunning new visuals we created a character and explored the concept of what it means to be a princess, and if that is something you can take away from a person.

Client’s reviews

Armor Padding Asian Type Long Gambeson

Reviewed by Tommi U. 03 of March 2017
Great quality for the price. BUT it is really thin so if you want to use it for HEMA sparring etc. you need some kind of armor (like chest plate made out of composite for HEMA). Otherwise I recommend.

Woolen Viking Coat | Yule edition

Reviewed by Don Larson 13 of March 2017
I received my Yule coat today. I couldn't be more pleased! The fit is spot on when worn over my usual garb.

Eastern Europe Linen Overcoat

Reviewed by Adam 06 of October 2017
Once upon a time I stumbled across this wedding shirt and long coat right before my wedding. As in, under the time limit for custom work even at a the express shipping level. But I fell in love it with...

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Everything you need to create your unique character!

ArmStreet is known for the great quality and unique design! We make almost everything you need for your medieval, SCA, reenactment, fantasy events, from completely functional knight armour kits to lightweight leather LARP gear, from fantasy boots to authentic renaissance shoes, from elegant velvet outfits to practical and beautiful linen dresses and tunics.

One stop shop to create your perfect medieval, fantasy, LARP or SCA character

Great quality and unique design from the world-known brand!

From the beginning of the company 14 years ago we tend to provide uncompromised quality, unique design and friendly service to all our customers, from our first buyer at eBay many years ago to thousands of them in 35 countries all around the globe now. That's why we design, produce and distribute everything in-house, which makes us responsible and proud for every stage of client's experience. Here is summary of our services:

  • We sell most of our items made-to-measure
  • We have most popular items in stock
  • We ship worldwide, you can choose country on product page
  • We have both regular and express delivery options
  • You can pay with PayPal or any major credit card

ArmStreet is known for its quality and recognized as a top-notch manufacturer by many SCA and LARP groups, fighting associations, theaters, and events. We have a lot of experience in making items remotely and delivering them to you. So, if it's your first time at our site then the best thing you can do is joining the club of our loyal customers. If you are a repeat buyer and a fan, then most likely you know what to do, just don't forget that we are always open to new ideas and trying to be as close to our customers as possible.

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