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The reenactment community is one of those purist parts of modern medievalism, with its interest in sources, original museum findings, and ancient technologies recreating and meticulous work on understanding details of the historical period chosen. ArmStreet relations with historical reenactment have always been complex, with our intention to deviate from the historical references and be way more creative than it's typical for people interested in historical accuracy. However, there are many products in our shop that work perfectly for different types of reenactment, from Viking reenactment to Middle Ages groups. We have some costumes and tunics that could be considered a serious interpretation of the historical findings, we have a line of belts and bags with museum-quality casting replicas, a lot of historically accurate helmets, gauntlets, armor, and a lot more.

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The Viking Ornaments: Six Major Styles

The Viking Ornaments: Six Major Styles

October 17, 2015

Vikings! Hearing this word, many people imagine some kind of uneducated barbarians who only know about eating, drinking, fighting and looting everything they can. But real Vikings actually had a rich culture and made some amazing works of art. Today we shall take a look at the history of their ornaments.

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