ArmStreet craftsmanship - from a tiny rivet to a full armor

Craftsmanship takes a middle ground between art and skillful trade work, and actually, you need both to become a master craftsman. Pretty much like in medieval guilds, it takes years to master the craft to the level of being in charge of our full armor projects, manufacturing processes, leather works, or jewelry making. Sometimes we feel the necessity to slightly open the door into our world of hard work, metal tempering, handmade embroidery, tooling, and etching

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Spectacular Sackcloth: How ArmStreet Made it Fashionable

Spectacular Sackcloth: How ArmStreet Made it Fashionable

March 22, 2018

For many years this fantastic material has been overlooked. Commonly used for bags and curtains, sackcloth has been thought to be something unremarkable, average, and simply a utility fabric. Luckily, our talented designers saw a diamond in the rough and refined this fantastic fabric into a valuable material that produces stunning dresses. Learn more about this discovery here.

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