Valentine's day specialties for your sweetheart

February 14, 2017

Targetting the stars and even higher in aspiration to make the world a better and a more heartening place, we've created this astonishing instance to double the amount of the beauty! As the real glass mirror is used, the reflection it shows is as beautiful as the owner herself. The etched unicorn on the back face of the mirror adds a touch of magic to your enchanting appearance.

Medieval Mirror “Unicorn” Medieval Mirror “Unicorn”

The extremely elegant and richly adorned velvet pouch bag not only keeps your pocket mirror safe from dust and scratches, but also touches up your inimitable style.

Velvet Pouch “Unicorn” Medieval Mirror In Pouch “Unicorn”

It's very favouring to perceive that an occasional flash of inspiration evolves into a romantic tradition – last year on Valentine's Day we've presented set of heart-shaped accessories:

Choker Necklace “Fairy Tale”

The accessories we unveil on this romantic occasion are the most period and freehearted way to show your affection. A delicate ring or the set of posh accessories worthy of the boudoir of the Queen or even the Empress – there is a wide choice to pick of.

“Fairy Tale” Fibula

What a pleasure for us to see the resonance those tender items create! We are immensely happy to be the implicit participants of your special occasions and moments of love ❤️