Medieval Mirror “Unicorn”

Pocket mirror with etched brass case

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Medieval Mirror “Unicorn”

Pocket mirror with etched brass case

Ah, what a beauty is medieval boudoir, loyally keeping all the princess’ secrets! The courtly subject matter, it contained fragile necessities: carved ivory combs, subtle perfumes, and of course Its Majesty the Mirror. Even outside the lady’s chamber, medieval princess stays charming with a pocket mirror, that lets checking makeup even when you’re on the go.

This one we’ve made on the occasion of St. Valentine’s Day, features a real glass mirror screwed into a round metal case and fixedly attached with eight cast brass rivets. The mirror itself is perfectly clear, providing true and fair reflection and nice feel. Its diameter measures 3 9/16 in (9 cm). Has the cut-through contour lines and signs on the rim around the mirror. There are three layers of brass, which can be seen on the edge of the rim, inlaid with two layers of dark brown leather, repeating the blackening colour.

The back portion has lovely detailing of a lying unicorn in the midst of floral ornament. Princess would have come across this auspicious mythical creature in her sweetest dreams! The blackened pattern adds an aged, sophisticated look to it. Optionally you can choose another backing with a sleek flower pattern.
A tiny brass ring atop allows to carry it hanging on the belt or wrist threading a chain. This medieval gem can be easily imagined on princess’ boudoir: use it as a table top vanity mirror or as a travel compact mirror if you are into medieval events.

Please note, a rope of pearls shown in pictures is not included.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Real mirror glass;
  • Genuine leather;
  • Brass case and rivets.


  • Pocket size;
  • Single sided;
  • Clear reflection;
  • Two backing patterns to choose from: unicorn vs flowers;
  • Nice gift idea!

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