Medieval Women's Shoes

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Medieval Women's Shoes for Sale

Ever wonder what did women's medieval shoes look like? Well, thanks to ArmStreet manufacturing and selling all kinds of period footwear for ladies inspired by historical models, you don’t have to imagine it anymore. They are perfect if you’re looking to bring out your medieval spirit, providing much comfort and protection to your feet at the same time through the modern reliable soles.

Needless to say, medieval women's shoes were rarely showed up from under the skirts of long gowns, but we’ve made quite a research to reveal the main models. Read on this brief overview to take on a voyage of discovery.

Historical Middle Ages female shoes

Throughout the Middle Ages up to the 14th century, the poorest walked barefoot, peasants and townswomen wore sandals, low shoes or turnshoes with scuffed shoe tips on their feet. Hard work required laced or button-up ankle boots to cover the outside of the foot. Such trivial shoes did not distinct much and were hard to fit, as there was no difference between left and right shoe - only the common last that was dominant. These common styles would cover many of your reenactment needs for time and place, as their basic design and look remained the same.

When it comes to crafting middle ages females shoes, genuine leather plays the first and the main role as an easily attainable material. For one thing, it's great to protect the feet from abrasion and from wet during the cold season, secondly, it could be worn next to the skin with its great ability to absorb moisture. Leather shoes were worn by all classes of women, only the quality and fine details varied. The most expensive thin leather of fine dressing, close to modern suede and nubuck, as well as decor, linen, fur trim, and embroidery were reserved for the aristocratic and the royalty.

Considering similarity of materials, footwear designs complexified and became more important in order to make a person’s social class instantly recognizable at a glance. A call to differ from led to the emergence of many new types, which were the forerunners of modern footwear. Wealthy ladies could follow the new fashion vibes even if trendy shoes were uncomfortable. So were the poulaines with the points so long that they interfered while walking. Their pointy toes were big among the noble women until the late 15th century when the round toe shoes came into fashion.

Take your character’s look to perfection with our period ladies’ footwear. Choose your favorite style in our medieval women's shoes store:

  • Greek or Viking sandals
  • Celtic turnshoes
  • low shoes with straps
  • high riding boots

You can buy medieval shoes for women both the standard US/EU size and custom size here on website. Please fill out the shoe measurement form if you choose them to be made to measure. Depending on the option you choose, prices range between $99 to $300, which is pretty decent for such an exquisite period footwear. Not only that, we also fashion custom medieval women's shoes after customer's requests, so don't hesitate to share your creative ideas in form of pictures or sketches by email

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