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“Autumn Princess” Leather Boots

Medieval Women’s Shoes

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“Autumn Princess” Leather Boots

Medieval Women’s Shoes

Just like the dress, our Autumn Princess shoes are simple, fresh and feminine. They prioritize comfort and practicality without sacrificing beauty and are finely crafted in a way that shows in the finished product. These boots are simple, made from natural leather, and feature a contrasting lining from the same material.

These shoes have something that a lot of medieval footwear seems to lack: comfort. Our shoemaker has been perfecting his art for decades, and knows exactly how to create medieval shoes that don’t just feel like you’re walking on a flat piece of leather. A modern shoe last and sole is used in a way that still makes the bottom of the shoes appear flat and period-appropriate.

These are made from strong leather that will relax a bit and shape to your foot perfectly with time, with a contrasting color on the inside. They are slim fitted, giving a lovely silhouette that is dainty. One side of the boot does not open at all, while the other side has a split from just below the ankle to allow you to take them on and off with ease. This split has been cut into the design in an attractive pattern, giving way to the gentle curve of the boot at the top where it slightly slopes above your ankle. This split is closed with lacing, so it is up to you how tight or loose you allow them to be.

The point of the toe is elongated, which means they will stick out a bit more beyond what a modern shoe would - generally they will be 3.50-4cm longer. We find that this does not make your foot appear to be bigger, though, and in fact, it adds to the slender profile of the shoe and is also short enough that you won't be tripping over it.

Though these boots have modern comfort, you have to remember that your medieval shoes will require a little bit of extra care compared to modern materials. Make sure that you clear any dirt or mud in the seams, and allow them time to dry out between each time you wear them. We also recommend conditioning them when they are dry and investing in “shoe trees” or a similar form-preserving device to help them keep their shape after being exposed to moisture.

Important note about measurements: Please be accurate when taking your measurements, as it drastically influences our ability to make an item that will suit you perfectly. Keep in mind that natural leather is soft material and it will stretch, so when you are getting your shoes it is normal that they fit very slim. They will adjust to your feet shape after one or two days of usage.

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • 100% natural leather;
  • Modern soles;
  • Twine laces.


  • Comfortable;
  • Elongated toes;
  • Attractive slim fit;
  • Lacing up the sides;
  • Contrasting lining;
  • High ankle.

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5 Feedbacks

  • Katherine 03 of May 2022:

    I bought these boots as my "Something Blue" for me wedding day. They are great quality & they fit very comfortably! I have also enjoyed wearing them to a few festivals, & I always get complimened on them. I tell everyone they need to buy from here!

  • Serena 29 of November 2021:

    These boots are adorable! I purchased a blue pair, and the leather is a lovely dark shade of blue. I've never been disappointed with the boots I've purchased from Armstreet.

  • Maria  09 of September 2021:

    Love my boots!!! Thank you so much!!!

  • Jacquie 13 of August 2021:

    Hello - I would like to purchase some women's boots. I usually wear a 7 1/2 - 8 in modern shoes depending on the brand. My Left foot measures 9 5/8" and my right foot 9". Would you say I should I order a 7 or an 8 in the Autumn Princess boots?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hello, according to our size chart your size is 6. 

  • Leanne 24 of August 2020:

    I just purchased these in blue waited ages to get these will look great with my green autumn dress

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