WMA plastic protection for SCA and HEMA

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Arms, legs, shoulders and hands plastic protection for Western Martial Arts

Plastic guards for WMA: SCA cut and thrust and HEMA arms and legs protection

There is a growing interest in renaissance fencing all around the world, and there are people in ArmStreet who were doing this for ages as well as those who fell in love with European Martial Arts not so long ago. We designed and tested several kits of plastic gear, from simple yet effective knee and elbow guards to way more sophisticated protection that makes the next step in terms of protection and usability. We use two-component plastic which is more expensive than standard press-moulded materials – it allows us to make more sophisticated and complex forms and has a way better shock resistance. We never saw our gear cracked (and we hope we won't). We also make an EVA lining for a better look and protection and to support those who lean from the standard black gear look. Our recent and future lines include all the basic elements of plastic protection:

  • Elbow cops;
  • Knee protection with side guards;
  • Arm bracers;
  • Shin guards;
  • Shoulders protection.

We are also working on protective gloves which are going to be the next step.

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