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“One Standard” elbow protection

Plastic elbow cops for fencing

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"One Standard" elbow protection

Plastic elbow cops for fencing

Hurray, WMA and HEMA community. Your time has come, and we are happy to offer our first, basic and simple, yet very functional plastic protection product. ArmStreet team crew has been playing with swords in most of the known forms and formats, but for the last several years some of us fell in love with HEMA fencing, so the new age started.

These cops are better than most of the other products for two simple reasons: plastic quality and coverage.

We used two-component ultra-modern plastic that has perfect shock-resistant properties and almost never cracks. At least, our best fencers and instructors didn't find a crack in their gear after a year of sparrings and tournaments in a competitive environment of Eastern European HEMA.

Simple, perfectly shaped, sturdy product to put on your gambeson or a jacket and forget about. That's "One Standard" elbows!

We send 2 yards (or more) of rubber lacing with every pair of plastic protection. There are several ways to attach this gear, but it mostly depends on what type of loops your gambeson and pants have. You can also use any other lacing of similar diameter, elastic or not. Elastic lacing is more efficient in giving you more flexibility but also allows your protection to move a bit, so it’s up to you. Most fencers have their own preferences in regard to how tight they want their plastic gear attached.

Please note: the side to side lengths in the "Dimensions" section are the real dimensions of the elbow cops in said sizes.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Two-component plastic;
  • EVA.


  • Deep cops with side protection;
  • Cracks-resistant plastic;
  • EVA lining;
  • Style and comfort.


  • S/M: side to side length 14 cm (5 1/2”);
  • L/XL: side to side length 16 cm (6 3/8”).

This item is part of the “Modern Swordsmanship” collection

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3 Feedbacks

  • Richard 04 of January 2024:

    Very nice it was all I could afford.

  • James and Megan Archer 11 of December 2023:

    These are an absolutely brilliant addition to my sparring outfit - light enough that I don't know I'm wearing them, and sturdy enough to take any impact! Very impressed!

  • Marton 10 of June 2023:

    What kind of plastic is that? It feels bullet-proof, love my new elbows

    ArmStreet Team:

    Thank you for your feedback, but this plastic is not bullet proof. 

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