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“One Standard” knee protection

Plastic knee cops for fencing

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"One Standard" knee protection

Plastic knee cops for fencing

We are proud to present a whole new generation of western martial arts oriented protection, starting from the basic, yet most universal model.

These knees have been tested in the rough environment of Eastern European tournaments and inside our own club with the most experienced instructors and fencers. We also took into account side bone coverage regulations that are typical for many formats within a US swordplay community and in some Eastern European countries, Poland in particular. From our own experience, protecting your side bone is easy, and being hit there is bad, so our knees have these side elements that don't restrict your movements at all but one day will do a very important job. ArmStreet wouldn't be ArmStreet if we didn't bring any innovations to our product, so we used a completely new two-component plastic that is more viscous and provides great shock-absorption properties, and never cracks.

Overall, this is a great product, and once on your fencing pants, most likely you won't take it off as these knee cops are light, comfy, and soft inside thanks to an extra EVA layer.

We send 2 yards (or more) of rubber lacing with every pair of plastic protection. There are several ways to attach this gear, but it mostly depends on what type of loops your gambeson and pants have. You can also use any other lacing of similar diameter, elastic or not. Elastic lacing is more efficient in giving you more flexibility but also allows your protection to move a bit, so it’s up to you. Most fencers have their own preferences in regard to how tight they want their plastic gear attached.

Please note: the side to side lengths in the "Dimensions" section are the real dimensions of the knee cops in said sizes.

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Two-component plastic;
  • EVA.


  • Deep cops with side protection;
  • Cracks-resistant plastic;
  • EVA lining;
  • Style and comfort.


  • S/M: side to side length 15 cm (5 7/8”);
  • L/XL: side to side length 17 cm (6 3/4”).

This item is part of the “Modern Swordsmanship” collection

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2 Feedbacks

  • Adam 05 of January 2024:

    Great product! I love the side knee protection (also looks fantastic!) and the holes make it easy to attach to SPES fencing trousers. Combines well with my hockey shin guards for excellent lower leg protection.

  • Marton 10 of June 2023:

    Thank you for making the side plate, it saved my knee today :-))))

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