“Edge” ridged elbow protection

Plastic elbow cops with ribs for fencing

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"Edge" ridged elbow protection

Plastic elbow cops with ribs for fencing

As the fencers' community worldwide varies a lot, the requests on the appearance and extra features of the protection differ as well. But durability, reliability and lightweight are always wanted no matter what style you have chosen for your fencing practice and tournaments. The chronicles of ArmStreet's team itself and our friends shine with swordsmen of different styles and formats and our current crush is HEMA fencing. The new chapter begins: the modern technologies embodied in cracks-resistant two-component plastic blend with a perfectly balanced period look. ArmStreet's armour fans probably will notice something familiar in the appearance and even might feel the urge to compare those with our fluted elbow cops. The coverage is as good, the points of fixation are as reliable and the quality of materials used is as high, just a few hundred years more modern.

We are lucky to have plenty of willing beta testers heavily using our plastic fencing protection in HEMA tournaments and sparring practice throughout Eastern Europe. None of them reported this latter-day plastic being cracked. Its impact-resistant properties are amplified by another modern material we've used for the inner layer – EVA liner. It provides shock absorption and adds another highlight to the appearance.

We send 2 yards (or more) of rubber lacing with every pair of plastic protection. There are several ways to attach this gear, but it mostly depends on what type of loops your gambeson and pants have. You can also use any other lacing of similar diameter, elastic or not. Elastic lacing is more efficient in giving you more flexibility but also allows your protection to move a bit, so it’s up to you. Most fencers have their own preferences in regard to how tight they want their plastic gear attached.

The "Edge" line of protection is distinguished from the "One Standard" by pronounced ridges. Those are intended for a heavier weapon, such as a longsword, heavy sabre or combination of sword and buckler. The cop itself is sufficiently deep and the lateral parts are prolongated to provide the best possible protection. The set of holes allows you to securely tie the elbow cops to your fencing jacket or gambeson once and avoid long preparation. Enjoy your fencing!

Please note: the side to side lengths in the "Dimensions" section are the real dimensions of the elbow cops in said sizes.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Two-component plastic;
  • EVA.


  • Deep cops with side protection;
  • Ridged surface;
  • Cracks-resistant plastic;
  • EVA lining;
  • Style and comfort.


  • S/M: side to side length 14 cm (5 1/2”);
  • L/XL: side to side length 16 cm (6 3/8”).

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