Medieval Weapons and Medieval Armoury

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Medieval Weaponry

Weapons have been in existence from the beginning of mankind and have affected our evolution, history, and society in ways no other human's invention can match. Initially, primitive weapons were used to protect against and to hunt wild animals. Men were the primary earners and protectors, probably that's why they all have a love of arms in their blood. Here you’ll enjoy both traditional swords and sabers along with weird medieval weapons and our fantasy weapon experiments and functional sport utility pieces. Mostly all you need for any SCA, WMA or HMB event.

Medieval weaponry for sale

Purchasing a gift for the man often turns into a quest: how to guess what he likes and what will cause only a polite smile of disappointment? One thing is for sure: there's no man who has no feelings for cool medieval weapons. Therefore, take a closer look at medieval decorative swords, matching sheaths and shields, and archery gear. Here you will certainly find an excellent gift for someone who dreamed of becoming a valiant knight or a brave Viking from his childhood, be him your kid brother, loving husband or respectable colleague. Decorative weapons are a good choice and a welcome gift for real men and courageous women.

Our medieval weapons store offers a vast range of decorative arms, made following the Middle Ages traditions. True works of art, collectible weapons are perfect for interior decoration, adding sharp notes of masculinity and piquancy to the atmosphere of your place. Medieval swords and daggers in shiny scabbards will superbly adorn the walls of a library or a cozy drawing-room in a country house. Decorative weapons may also diversify the interior of the restaurant and prestigious office, bringing a touch of history.

Medieval war weapons

Subtly labored weapons with elegant, exquisite handles and neatly rounded blades and tips are an ideal set for someone who doesn't imagine the life without adventures, but still values safety. Made of durable stainless steel halberds, spearheads, swords, falchions, sabers, daggers, large, small and double-edged axes are perfect for staging battles, LARP, shows, theatrical productions and other performances. All this is only a part of our product line, which is constantly filled with new items. We have the best medieval weapons for any character, no matter who you are today: a formidable Viking or Anglo-Saxon, a noble knight or a common infantryman, an Amazon or Joan of Arc, an Eastern invader or a sultan. It's easy to buy medieval weapons, appearance swords, rebated steel tournament sabers, and other sports gear for sword fighters and LARP players, using online catalog presented on, as we deliver to USA, UK, Australia and worldwide!

If you are not sure how to carry and store medieval battle weapons, then you might find it useful to get acquainted with various ways of attachment, such as a sword belt, a frog, a baldric, soft sheath and rigid scabbard. Infantrymen could carry swords in their scabbards, which might be a simple leather case, but such an option would not work for a noble. A knight would need to get a rigid scabbard with a wooden core covered with well-dressed leather or textile and reinforced with metal details. Medieval weapons were worn in a sheath on the belt in front or on the side. The sword was placed with its blade down, exposing itself from top to bottom.

Medieval shields from ArmStreet are our guarantee of your safety on the battlefield. Our team produces both typical medieval shields and fantasy models, each made of high-quality, authentic materials: wood, plywood, leather and steel. Large round shield will come useful for a Viking character, all-metal buckler - for a soldier, and small finger protectors worn over steel gauntlets will make a great addition to a reenactor’s medieval armoury. Handcrafted from scratch, they are 100% functional and SCA-compliant with their high protective characteristics, reliable, and convenient thanks to the built-in handles for a firm grip. Feature hemispherical umbones, protecting the warrior's hand from punching blows.

Archery is an activity with a long history, able to bring bright and thrilling emotions to your LARPing experience, whether you are a hunter, an archer or just an amateur. Weapons of medieval period included all sorts of arrows, bolts, bows and crossbows. Our arsenal contains handmade archery accessories of exceptional quality, starting from the spacious quivers for arrows, shooting gloves and bracers, which are made of durable genuine leather, decorated with metal accents and period ornaments. Bracers protecting the wrist and forearm are custom-made according to the individual measurements, while the quivers can be carried at the belt or at the back. Let us make your medieval shooting impressively stylish! Medieval archery accessories will perfectly complement your bowman' look and serve you for many years.

Check the advantages of ArmStreet medieval weapons for sale:

  • fully handmade
  • completely secure
  • high-quality materials
  • unique medieval weapons

By reenactors and fighting clubs efforts, middle ages weapons don't sink into oblivion, but on the contrary, remain at the peak of popularity among lovers of medieval aesthetics. Explore the history of middle ages weaponry with our online catalog!

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