Buckler Shield “Evening Star”

Spring steel buckler with brassed boss


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Buckler Shield "Evening Star"

Spring steel swordplay buckler with brassed boss

If you like to fight offensively and are looking for a companion weapon for your sword, look no further than our buckler. This tiny shield is capable of protecting your hands and shielding you from blows, but is also absolutely fantastic as a weapon itself.

Popular manuscripts such as the Royal Armouries I.33 still exist to give modern-day fighters a look into how this kind of weapon may have been used. It’s clear that it requires coordination between the buckler and your main hand weapon, and that they must work together in order to be an optimal fighting combination. Much of the actual instruction and writing on these manuscripts and treaties are quite vague though, so sword and buckler still remain open to interpretation of the user.

This buckler is the traditional shape for this type of weapon: round. It is slightly dished to make it excellent at catching blades, and includes reinforced roping around the edge to make it even stronger. It has been crafted of strong but light spring steel, which is a type of hardened steel that allows us to make the buckler slightly thinner than it would be if it were made from mild steel. The handle at the back fits comfortably into your hand and is wrapped in leather for extra grip, and is finished with a ring at the top that is easy to loop through a belt hook.

This buckler is more than just functional though - we’ve put a lot of effort in to make sure it is undeniably attractive as well! It includes a lightly brassed shield boss, which has a golden tone to it, with the rest of the shield blackened. As a finishing touch, the roped ring around the outside is also brass, to frame the whole piece perfectly. Etching also frames the shield boss, with an ArmStreet-designed lion pattern truly making this a piece to remember.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • 1.2mm spring steel;
  • 1.5mm spring steel boss;
  • Rivets;
  • Leather-wrapped grip;
  • Roping.

Dimensions and weight:

  • Diameter: 11 ²⁷/₆₄" (29 cm);
  • Boss diameter: 5 1/2" (14 cm).


  • Hardened steel;
  • Brassed shield boss;
  • Etched lion design;
  • Blackened, brassed or polished steel;
  • Roping around the edge;
  • Leather wrapped handle;
  • Ring to hang it on a belt or hook.

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