Medieval Vests

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Medieval vests for sale

There is a bunch of examples of sleeveless items starting from the very first mentions of the clothing – togas in Ancient Rome, viking apron dresses in the early Middle Ages and tabards in 14th century Europe. However the short upper-body garment that is unambiguously identified as a Middle Ages vest appeared in late 17th century and further evolved into a modern waistcoat.
According to the historical sources it was mainly worn by men, but we took the liberty to recede from canons and created several amazing items inspired by Period. Decorated with trim or with volume elements, boned and working as a corset or loose fit, adjustable with lacing or fastened with closures – we did our best so that you can find exactly what you are looking for.

Wild wild vest

Your wardrobe is packed to capacity with amazing period garbs but you want to update your astonishing dress with something for a change? Or alternatively you’ve just started working on your personal medieval capsule collection and are looking for a versatile article of clothing to suit all and every of your dresses? We have an answer for both questions – you can buy medieval vest.
Few, if any, additional elements can emphasize without overlay and ring the changes without causing mish-mash as nicely as vests do. Our medieval vests store offers a wide selection of unique designs realized in high quality natural materials:

  • cotton
  • suede
  • wool
  • cotton velvet

We use reliable fittings and check all and every product before dispatching. We develop patterns and schemas with great deliberation: we think it’s highly important to provide our customers with well-established and predictable goods in every size available. This is essential for such a slim fit pieces of clothing as medieval vests, and especially for boned vests used as corsets. Make no bones about your stature being different from stature of the model in the photo – we assure you would be pleased with the results! Every item is sampled in all available sizes before we put it in our online shopwindow.

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