Medieval men's underwear

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High quality medieval underwear for men

Don’t overthink your underwear!

Underwear in the middle ages is simple and straightforward, but absolutely vital to any reenactment, LARP or SCA clothing. Aside from the usual benefits of wearing undergarments, the addition of medieval underwear adds a lot to a costume: an extra layer truly helps you take your garb from a simple costume to an actual outfit that a person in history could have worn.

Medieval men’s underwear was often crafted from white or natural linen and made from a simple pattern to not overshadow the clothes that go on top. Linen is comfortable, soft against your skin, very absorbent and has a beautiful texture.

Regardless of time and place, an undertunic is a must

Most cultures would wear undergarments, especially undertunics. They can be seen in the Viking and Dark Ages, all the way up through the Medieval period and into the Renaissance. We have a great variety of underwear for sale from all of these time periods:

  • medieval braies
  • viking undertunics
  • medieval undertunics
  • renaissance undertunics
  • coifs

Some of our underwear comes from fantastical sources, while some is made from historically accurate patterns straight from the manuscripts.

If you are looking for somewhere to buy medieval men’s underwear, ArmStreet is the go-to place! We have everything you need and ship to the UK, USA, Australian and worldwide. Here you will find the medieval version of boxers or briefs, “the braies”, a voluminous pair of linen shorts that tie up at the waist with a draw string. You will also find undertunics, which are long shirts in a variety of different styles, which act as a barrier between your skin and your finery, absorbing sweat and keeping your expensive clothing fresh. Let’s not forget about the coif - a small linen head covering that will keep your hat clean and free from the oils in your hair. Every piece of medieval undergarments serves a purpose in keeping your clothing safe and free from stains.

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