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"Ulf the Watcher" Linen Undertunic

Medieval underwear knee-length T-tunic


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"Ulf the Watcher" Linen Undertunic

Medieval underwear knee-length T-tunic

There are many reasons why in the XI-XII centuries people mostly needed to have at least two layers of clothing on them. First and foremost, thin undertunics were pretty much the only option for underwear. Don't forget that the price and value of clothing were way higher by then, so it was important to protect your fancy upper layer clothing from premature weathering.

Designing our "Fireside Family" collection we had the idea of making an early western costume collection that will work the best as a foundation for your medieval events wardrobe, for both historical and fantasy, SCA and LARP events, creating recognizable and clean early Middle Ages silhouette without details that might limit your character's development options.

This is a straight T-shaped medium-length tunic, with a short front neck slit, round neckline, and two gores on sides that make it wide down from the waistline. The undertunic features front and back slits for comfortable walking and horse-riding.

We offer basic colors – white, natural, black and charcoal – as the perfect options for your first layer of clothing. This flax linen is thinner than the one we use for a regular tunic to make it work the best as underwear and a base layer of clothes. This is also a great tunic to chill out near the campfire, do random medieval activities, have something on you while doing your in-camp chores, and so on...

Please note: the charcoal fine flax linen is much thinner and therefore significantly more transparent than our regular fine linen fabrics.

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  • 100% fine flax linen.


  • High quality all-natural fabric;
  • Medieval or Viking inspired;
  • Sweat-wicking base layer;
  • T-tunic shape;
  • Split at the front and back;
  • Underarm gussets.

This item is part of the “Fireside Family” collection

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