Medieval, Renaissance, and Viking costume fabric belts

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Fabric belt as a part of your medieval costume

A fabric belt was one of the most common and widely spread medieval and ancient costume parts from the antique cultures to Roman civilization and further, through the Dark Ages and Middle Ages to the Renaissance. A prince and a pauper, a king and a monk, a noble lady and a poor peasant all had a piece of fabric or a simple rope as their belt once in a while. On the one hand, what could be simpler than just a narrow piece of cheap fabric? On the other hand, there are so many options to decorate a fabric belt and make it a status piece of garb! In all those cases, the practical reason was probably one of the most important, as fabric belts can be made practically out of nothing and can serve so many purposes, from holding together peasant's rugs to protecting your expensive noble clothing from the scabbard and leather belt scratching your fabulous velvet and brocade Renaissance outfit.

How to choose a proper fabric belt for your garb?

Fabric belts proved to be a fantastic add-on to your medieval, Renaissance, fantasy, or LARP garb, and the number of options is practically endless. You can use ArmStreet textile belts in many ways, and here are some of the most popular:

  • As a belt itself, easily adjust the wrap depending on how much clothing you have on.
  • As a second belt under your leather belt to make it more comfortable.
  • As the main belt that holds together your costume, when your leather belt has some room for your weapon.
  • As a universal strap, always have a strong and long lacing to hold your stuff together, to make a temporary handle for your sack or to hold something together in any form.

What does ArmStreet have for me?

  • Elven fabric belt with trim;
  • Viking-style fabric belts for men and women;
  • Exclusive long fabric belts;
  • Weawed belts for various LARP and SCA garbs;
  • Leather belts to make your outfit complete.
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