Children’s Belt “Fireside Family”

Long linen belt with fringe for kids


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 Children’s Fabric Belt “Fireside Family"

Long linen belt with fringe for kids

"Fireside Family" is our Early Middle Ages collection where we were focused on an authentic look, natural colors, and neat accents. For our smaller customers, we went for quality and usability, so we hope that your little one will love everything about their outfit.

We love textile belts for their simplicity and authentic look. This is a long belt that is supposed to be wrapped twice around the waist. It is up to you where exactly to tie it, and how slim or loose you want it to fit. This makes this belt a perfect and versatile accessory for almost any garb. Needless to say, it works the best with ArmStreet tunic with matching trim. The belt is made of linen, the whole new color palette is yours to choose from. The strip of contracting trim works perfectly to gently emphasize your team or guild colors and make it a little bit more stylish. The belt is made up to the highest quality standards and will last for a long time.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

Pay attention to one important thing: most kids, especially when it comes to smaller ones, are used to wearing way softer clothing, which is usually made of extremely soft and stretch fabric. So there is a chance your kid won't be happy dealing with medieval clothes limitations and natural fabric early on. As we experimented on our own kids, statistically all of them get used to this after a while – normally when linen gets softer and shapes a tad on the owner's body. But please be very conscious about it in the beginning and make sure your kid is really comfortable with the medieval costume. We tried our best to make this clothing as comfortable and loose and flowing as possible, but natural fabric and ancient patterns have their disadvantages, so the final decision is on you: we can't guarantee that any kid will be comfortable wearing our medieval clothes.


  • Soft flax linen;
  • Unique trim;
  • Cotton thread (fringe).


  • Overall width: 2 cm;
  • Cotton fringe length: 6.5cm;
  • Two lengths available: S/M (185 cm for height 98-104cm) and L/XL  (220 cm for height 110-152cm).


  • Wraps around the body twice;
  • Fringe on the end;
  • Dusty shades of flax linen;
  • Unique trim imitating tablet weaving.

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