Linen and wool fabric by yard for historical costume

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Historical fabric by the yard

With more than two decades of experience dealing with organic fabric, we have the confidence to share our vision of current trends with you. Just as the seasons change one another, the new price of organic fabric changes the old one every single year. And this change is always an increase. Though big fashion manufacturers and sole artisans tend to use blends or avoid organic fabric due to its price, we are determined to stick to natural materials for as long as possible. Its value and characteristics have remained unbeatable for thousands of years; why would we choose something else? And in this particular case, you can help us. The bigger the amount of fabric, the higher the chance we can order those from the manufacturers or bulk suppliers and the lower the price. It's a win-win strategy: you have the high-quality fabric for your DIY medieval costume project that matches your favorite dress by ArmStreet, while we have the opportunity to keep prices for our historical clothing from rushing up.

Costume fabric

So, what types of historical fabric can you now order at ArmStreet by the yard? The same outstanding fabrics we are using to create our medieval costumes and dresses:

  • flax linen fabric for dresses, pants, and tunics;
  • fine linen fabric for underwear, chemises, undertunic, braies, and headwear;
  • wool fabric for capes, cloaks, and coats.
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