Medieval Rings

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Medieval Rings for Sale

Here in ArmStreet we favour an idea of creating complete medieval-style images, that will take you into the world of medieval tales as if by magic! Being perfectionists in the best sense of this word, we are very attentive to the details, and we strive to ensure that each collection, each outfit is a finished composition. That's why we pay much attention to the medieval and fantasy jewelry - namely, the custom medieval rings, which are intended to decorate the ladies' fingers.

The History of Rings

The history of the rings is long and intricate, many of the ancient writings attributed magical properties of the rings, because of their shape, which hints at infinity of the Universe. In ancient times, the ring was a lucky charm and a protective amulet, as well as the identification mark. Their history is overgrown with legends, even Zeus commanded Prometheus to wear the ring taken out of his shackles on his finger. Rings and signet rings are commonly referred to in Scripture as jewelry. In ancient Egypt, pharaohs used the rings as a personal seal. Following the nobility, other representatives of society began to wear rings. Subsequently, the steel rings serve as a kind of badge and pointed to the social status of the owner. Members of the secret political societies and religious orders have used rings as unique identifiers.

Roman women wore up to 16 rings on each hand, giving preference to the rings made of precious metals, but without the gems. Medieval ladies chose to wear a single ring on the fourth finger of the left hand, because of the belief that a vein from that finger leads to the heart, a symbol of love. Then the shape of the rings has become more complicated, they added gems, enamels, and by the end of the Middle Ages all the fingers of the beauties were fully covered with the rings!

Custom Medieval Rings

We offer the ladies to supplement their medieval costumes with a designer Middle Ages rings - all the models were created from scratch by our designers, each whorl and pattern were drawn by hand, therefore our rings are absolutely unique. The models represented in our medieval rings store are made of durable and beautiful alloys such as brass and melchior, which neither corrode nor rust. Besides these metals look very authentic and do not cause allergies! We decorate the metal by etching and cut-through techniques, cutting a wide variety of patterns: classic, floral, arabesque, alchemical and planetary, Roman and Oriental, as well as the inscriptions with the original typography.

Where to buy medieval ring?

We offer to purchase a unique medieval ring from ArmStreet, and here's why:

  • Unique design
  • Authentic materials
  • Production in custom size
  • Broad size scale
  • Worldwide shipping

Now you know about our advantages! We will be very happy to help you in choosing the right medieval ring for any occasion: to complement your medieval character look, for a medieval style wedding or for a gift!

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