Kids medieval costumes

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Finally, high-quality medieval costumes for kids!

When it comes to kids costumes, making it yourself has always been the only high quality option. Well, we’ve come to save you from your sewing machine - no more late nights before Halloween or desperate last minute costumes. Simply plan ahead and order a complete outfit from us knowing that it’s high quality, comfortable, and is going to bring a massive smile to your child’s face!

We’ll do the hard work so you can personalize a kids knight costume

Instead of having to start from scratch, with our clothing you can piece together a costume and embellish it yourself to make it perfect and personalized. We recommend ordering a tunic and then embroidering it with a symbol to make it unique. With our outfits, there’s no more complicated patterning or learning how to sew, just simple renaissance fair costumes for kids.

Create medieval costumes for girls

Does she have a hat that she absolutely adores, but you’re not sure what to add to the costume next? Why not browse through our medieval dresses for kids with her and work to design an outfit that compliments items that she already loves. If she wants to follow a path of chivalry, we have a number of garments that also make the perfect kids knight tunic, so it’s completely up to her what kind of medieval life she wants to live - we’re here to help.

Find the perfect renaissance fair costumes for kids

Don’t fuss about buying an adult cloak and cutting it into a kids cloak - they never quite feel right. We make a witches cloak kids love, so just order an item designed for a child in the first place and skip the drama. It will drape properly, and feel “right” (because we all know the temper tantrums children can have over something feeling “not quite right”) and is an easy process from start to finish. Your friends will love the outfits so much, they’ll be lining up to take them off your hands!

What is a medieval costumes for boys?

A medieval costume for boys would usually consist of linen undergarments, an over tunic made from linen or wool, and a pair of simple pants (or hosen) with flat-soled medieval boots or shoes. To keep warm he would also wear a cloak and hat.

Sorry to brag, but we make the best kids tunic

There are a number of factors that make our clothing superior:

  • High quality textiles such as cotton and linen;
  • Designed and manufactured in-house, no outsourcing!
  • Patterned for children’s bodies, not little adults;
  • A variety of colors and designs.

So, why are we so good at designing costumes for children? Because we have children, of course! We love to dress up in medieval clothing, so it’s only natural that we want to bring our kids along to enjoy the hobby with us.

Take the stress out of kids renaissance festival costumes

You can order our items knowing that they’re all dreamt up at our head office in our design studio by our talented team, most of which are parents themselves. All of the clothing is then manufactured in-house, ethically, by our team of talented seamstresses who have decades of experience and put love and care into each and every item they make.

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