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"Lothar The Fast" Kids Overtunic

Short-sleeved linen tunic with trim

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"Lothar The Fast" Kids Overtunic

Short-sleeved linen tunic with trim

Short sleeves, relaxed V-shaped neck, and trim that imitates traditional "tablet" weaving - this tunic is a perfect all-purpose thing for your kid's summer outfit. It is very simple but some features turn it into a very functional and convenient garb for any medieval, LARP, SCA event.

A wide V-shaped neck, front and back slits make it very comfortable for layering. It can work as an overtunic when worn over thin traditional undertunic or be a great stand-alone piece of garb too.

As well as many other items from our "Fireside Family" collection, it is connected stylistically with the early middle ages. Simple traditional accents make it suitable for so many characters, especially based on Western European X-XII century costume. Our 100% natural linen is one of our favorite materials: it is sturdy, breathable, and traditional for medieval costume. It is also important that linen fibers are several times stronger than cotton ones and there are chances that this tunic can withstand awful things kids can make to their clothing. Please pay attention to the fact, that traditional medieval clothing is less comfortable than what we use nowadays, so wearing it might cause some discomfort in the beginning. It is also typical for the flax linen to be a little bit scratchy in the beginning, it gets softer with time and from our experience kids get used to it pretty fast, but it requires some extra attention in the beginning.

On the other hand, we paid a lot of attention to the quality and functional design. There are thin fabric borders along the trim to make the contact with the skin softer. Front and back slits on the bottom are there for comfortable walking, running and horse-riding.

Along with other stuff from the "Fireside Family" collection this tunic will be a perfect part of the "basic" universal medieval wardrobe for the wide variety of history-related events.

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  • 100% flax linen;
  • Trim.


  • High quality flax linen;
  • Generic early medieval design;
  • Short sleeves;
  • Split at the front and back;
  • Trim imitates tablet weaving.

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