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Gothic shoes for sale

With the course of time shoes expanded their range of use from completely utilitarian items aimed to protect the feet from weather and injuries to positional goods. The means of decoration varied depending on time period and geography: moccasins embroidered and decorated with beads, Vikings turnshoes with burned ornaments, Gothic shoes with long toes and many others. But let’s have a closer look at the latter ones. First mentions of shoes with pointy long toes go back to the twelfth century, but mostly they gained widespread in the XIV-XV centuries. Nobilities used custom Gothic shoes to show their status in society – history carries examples of special regulations prescribing the length of the toe for each particular position. Sometimes the length of the forehead was so much through the roof that it required the laces to be used to ride herd on the toes while promenading through the extending garden at the family manor or dancing through the ballroom of the castle.

Be in your shoes.

Leaving aside the extremities, we provide you with the amazing opportunity to buy Gothic shoes stylish, comfortable, reliable and custom-fit at the same time. What an alignment of features of primary importance! For the production of our shoes, we use a modern shoe last – absolutely period appearance is supported with the feeling that you are wearing a pair of soft modern sneakers. Rubber outsole is hidden from the eyes of the wider public and is significantly less slippery than a historically accurate leather outsole. We are here to help you keep both feet on the ground!

Switching from the functional features to eye appeals, our Gothic shoes store offers a variety of colours and textures of natural leather to chose from:

  • Embossed suede-like leather;
  • Embossed bicolour leather;
  • Smooth regular leather.

From practical black or dark brown shades for field battle or practicing to posh white with the golden embossed pattern for special occasion – we are absolutely sure to satisfy your demand.

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