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High Field Leather Shoes Paladin

Gothic-style medieval leather boots

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Medieval Fantasy Boots "Paladin"

Medieval knight leather boots

These high shoes are part of our Gothic footwear collection. They were specially designed for those who are fond of the Gothic-style design but need comfortable shoes for an active movement. The toes were shortened (compared to the authentic Gothic shoes), but they are still longer than the toes of casual footwear. Due to the long and narrow Gothic toes, the soles of these shoes are 3.5-4 cm (1.4"-1.6") longer than your feet (depending on the size).

The boots are made of hard leather and fit very slim. High boot shaft fixes your ankle, but don't hamper your moves while walking. Boots look elegant and with the aid of waxed lacing you can adjust them on your feet enhancing and underlining your neat appearance. But the most significant feature of these boots is the modern shoe last inside. So you will be enjoying modern comfort while everyone else will be admiring your great look. Hard leather outsole with rubber stick-on sole makes these shoes durable on modern hard roads.

The design of these high shoes is based on classical medieval style. But they are made of many pieces like it was made in later times. That's why you can wear them with almost any classic period medieval costume. Field high shoe will make your look fantastic on both fantasy and medieval event.

Important note about measurements:

Please be accurate taking your measurements — that influences very much our ability to make the item that will suit you perfectly.
Also, you should remember that natural leather is soft material and it will stretch so when you are getting your shoes it is normal that they fit very slim. They will get your feet shape after one or two days of usage.
Maximum size we can make for this model is US 11 1/2 (European 45).

To check how to measure yourself please click here (see video at the bottom of the page).

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

Important note: Brown, Natural and Cream leather shades may vary, as unfortunately we can't control color of leather which comes from our suppliers. Sometimes it may be darker or lighter, so if tone of the leather is important factor for you, please contact us before purchase to ascertain which color exactly we have in stock at the moment. Thank you for understanding.


  • 100% natural leather;
  • Modern soles.


  • Elegant Gothic-style design;
  • High boot shaft;
  • Waxed lacing;
  • Long toes.

This item is part of the “Paladin” collection

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  • Guest 16 of November 2022:

    where can i find the trousers on the photo ? I'd like to buy them along with this pair of fantastic shoes

    ArmStreet Team:

    Those pants are these chausses but made totally in black color. They will be available for purchase soon. 

  • Zaid 26 of November 2019:

    Can I put sabatons on these, if not which can I...I plan to get the paladin armor set

    ArmStreet Team:

    Sure, you can wear sabatons over these boots. 

  • melissa jean 12 of September 2019:

    Is it possible to order the paladin without the "modern comfort" inside? "Modern comfort" can be quite unhealthy for the structure of the foot, as i discovered when i stopped wearing padded shoes and all my foot pain went away. So it would be so fantastic if you could offer the boot with nothing more than the most basic of soles :^D

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Melissa, yes we can make these boots without "modern comfort" inside. Please simply leave this request in the comment to your order. 

  • Emily 08 of September 2019:

    Hi Im trying to buy Medieval Fantasy High Field Shoes Paladin leather boots Source: https://armstreet.com/store/footwear/medieval-fantasy-high-field-shoes in approx size 39 womens.its asking me for measuremnts. are the size 38 in stock?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Dear Emily, please select IN STOCK tab in the listing to order pre-made boots. Kindly check our size chart before placing the order. 

  • Emily Ireland 08 of September 2019:

    in fact id like your stock numbers of all sizes of this boot please. I'm shopping for a TV show. Medieval Fantasy High Field Shoes Paladin leather boots Source: https://armstreet.com/store/footwear/medieval-fantasy-high-field-shoes

    ArmStreet Team:

    Please check our size chart here: https://armstreet.com/footwear-size-chart.html

  • Alycia 25 of April 2019:

    How tall are the boots?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Alycia, the boots are about 27-30 cm tall.

  • Ari 11 of March 2019:

    Hello, how waterproof are these boots? I don't need them to be super waterproof, but I don't want water from wet grass or shallow puddles to be drawn through the seam to the socks. Thanks, Ari

    ArmStreet Team:

    Dear Ari, the boots are made of natural leather which is not water proof. They will get wet if you walk in the rain, but they won't be wet from the grass. You may also use some water proof spray on them. 

  • Geremy 10 of February 2019:

    hello, would it be possible to have these made 15 to 16 inches tall?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Geremy, unfortunately, it is not possible, sorry.

  • Bethanie 10 of December 2016:

    I would really like to buy these boots as a gift for someone. He normally wears a US Men's size 11. As I am hoping to surprise him, getting exact measurements of his feet would be tricky. Are there general size 11 measurements that could be used and hope to be accurate? Thanks!

    ArmStreet team:

    Our sizes are different from other systems, so we would like to know at least the foot length. If you could take the guy`s shoes and measure them, that would be really good. We`d need at least the insole length and width in the widest and narrowest part.

  • Ryan 02 of March 2015:

    would these boots hold up well for medieval fighting, such as SCA, Dagorhir, etc.

    ArmStreet team:

    Yes, they were especially designed for historical fencing. These are great shoes for using with plate armor, because they are made of hard leather and fits very slim. Rubber stick on the sole prevent you from slipping on different surfaces.

  • Krystal 30 of April 2013:

    My right foot is about half a size smaller then my left foot, how would I go about putting in the measurements for both feet?

    ArmStreet team:

    Please measure both of them and provide your measurements in comments.

  • Pedro H J Fabrino 09 of June 2011:

    Hello, I would like to know if the sole of this boot is strong enough for daily use, like walking outdoors, etc. If not, can you make it? And how much would it be to make them brown with the stronger sole? Thanks alot, Pedro.

    ArmStreet team:

    Hard leather outsole with rubber stick-on sole makes these shoes durable on modern hard roads and advantageous on sword-fighting practice.
    Please choose brown color in the order form, this option is free.

  • ben alissi 25 of January 2011:

    Hi, I've got a question regarding the black Medieval fantasy high field shoes. They're exactly what im looking for, however my shoe size is 13.5 US and I simply cant find anything else like them elsewhere on the web. Is it not at all possible to make them in my size, even at an increased cost? Thanks Ben

    ArmStreet team:

    Perhaps this is doable, please contact us at contact@armstreet.com to discuss the details.

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22 Feedbacks

  • Remi Bjorkman 15 of March 2024:

    Great shoes, exactly what I wanted. Fit well. Very good quality and they look beautiful. They shipped earlier than expected. The seller was very patient despite how back and forth I was and very helpful with questions.

  • Tim Wong 17 of November 2023:

    The quality of the boots is excellent. They look better than the pictures and they are very sturdy.

  • Rachael 25 of September 2023:

    What a great experience! I ordered these boots for my husband, who has narrow feet. I emailed a request with his foot measurements and received a custom pair of boots that literally fit like a glove. Superb quality and beautifully crafted.

  • Matt Molnar 20 of August 2023:

    Exactly what I wanted and fit great!

  • Ross Dockery 10 of August 2023:

    Good quality. The fixed sizes seem to run slightly small, order one size larger. Other than that, really well made boots, good material, good dye.

  • Bart Hermans 15 of April 2023:

    Very good quality and fits perfectly.

  • Sarah Maiocchi 19 of August 2022:

    These are really just stupidly comfortable and I wasn't expecting that! I'm sure it's because they need to be broken in but it is a little bit of a squeeze to get them on, but once they've made it over the heel they fit like they were made specially for me. I like the flexibility they already have; when I first got them I wore them for hours for several days in a row to break them in and there were no uncomfortable spots at all. I could probably go hiking in them and not suffer a blister. 10/10!

  • Emily W 08 of March 2022:

    These boots are awesome!! They're going to go great with my costume!

  • Barbara 05 of November 2021:

    Size is true, look quite authentic

  • Lady Knight 05 of November 2021:

    Ordered a custom size and they fit like a glove. After a couple wears I was able to get a thin modern insole in them as well for added comfort/arch support. Great for HEMA practitioners as the sole is quite flexible. I plan to wear them with my harness, just hoping they last a long time as the leather is on the thinner side.

  • Taryn 24 of October 2021:

    These boots look perfect, and are surprisingly comfortable to wear for long periods of time!

  • Logan 13 of October 2021:

    JUST WHAT I NEEDED! I’ve been eyeing these boots since I started buying armour from armstreet and am so excited to finally have them. I was worried about the fit but I ordered size 11 and they fit like a glove. They are much more comfortable than I expected. Well rounded construction. I absolutely love how they lace and hug your ankle so snuggly. Thank you armstreet for quality products !

  • Jacob 15 of September 2021:

    Fits perfectly, very snug but in a good way, very comfortable to walk around in even after being on my feet for 8+ hours, the only gripe i had was the laces frayed very easily making re-lacing a bit of a pain, but I just bought new laces for like 2 bucks and it works just fine. Overall very happy with my purchase!

  • Guest 30 of November 2020:

    I got these today and the boots themselves look very nice and fit well. but the laces that come with them are annoying. the inside and outside kept coming apart meaning i needed to use a fire to put them back together. No huge deal, just annoying.

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hello, thank you for your feedback. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. The laced can be replaced if you wish. 

  • Harry 21 of August 2020:

    The leather is pretty supple, but I found the laces frayed the first time I tried them on. I did some whipping with some polyester thread and now they're absolutely fine, but something to keep in mind.

  • Rachel 12 of May 2020:

    These are truly my ride or die LARP boots. I ordered a custom size to fit my narrow feet and ankles, and they fit like a second skin and fit my orthotics. I love the look of the lacing, although the ends need a touch up with wax to keep them together. The shape is perfect and they fit me around the ankle which is the most important area for me and a great surprise. I can't wait to get a second pair, and would love these to be available in more colours.

  • Zachary Jones 02 of May 2020:

    Great quality shoe overall, however laces fray easily and it is difficult to lace.

  • Sada 27 of February 2020:

    These boots have taken me through ren faire, and I hope to fight in them soon!

  • Rachel 06 of October 2019:

    I just finished a week-long LARP event in these boots, and I could not have asked for better shoes. I walked, ran, fought, and trained in them on everything from long grass to concrete to tan bark in the dry and wet, and my feet were comfortable, dry, and supported all week. I love that I can fit an innersole inside, and they are definitely the best looking boots I've found. I was nervous about the fit because I did have trouble with my last pair of custom sizes Armstreet shoes, but these fit like a glove and didn't even need wearing in. Big thumbs up, and I won't hesitate to order a second pair when the time comes!

  • Jayson Rothman 14 of October 2014:

    We finally managed to get our shoes! – South African postal service is horrible – I have never been so excited in my life to try on shoes. I love my boots they are very well made, fit perfectly and are very comfortable. Thank you very much.

    ArmStreet team:

    Great! Thank you and always welcome to ArmStreet!

  • Amanda 24 of July 2014:

    I was able to pick up the shoes from my old accommodation and they're absolutely AMAZING! You guys did such a great job on them. I'm so pleased! Thank you so much for the great shoes and for your amazing customer service! I really appreciate it!

    ArmStreet team:

    That's superb, we're very happy that you liked them!

  • Tomoo Hamasita 08 of November 2011:

    Hello! These boots are very lightly soft. Since size is also an order, it is preeminent for a fit. And it is equipped with the insole in which the heel goes up at least 2CM in these shoes, and a leg looks long. And it is beautiful above all. Thank you for the product with the always sufficient arm street team to me. Tomoo Hamasita

    ArmStreet team :

    Thanks for your review, Tomoo!

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