Premium materials are combined with sleek design for a perfect collection of practical XV century armour that will take you from squire to paladin.

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For years, ArmStreet has been making dreams come true and turning everyday people into medieval paladins. From helmet to sabaton, we have helped people all over the world armor up in a way that makes them feel heroic and brave. Our “Paladin” collection unites a few of our highly popular sets of armor, and is a project that started many years ago when our company was young. It has evolved and grown significantly over the years as we have improved our manufacturing technologies and blacksmithing skills.

This line of armor is inspired by the XV century – it is sleek, articulated and easy to move in. In the design process we had chivalry and adventure on our minds, but also practicality and value. Attention to fine details such as cast buckles, reliable leather and smooth articulation has made this collection a bestseller for many years!

Our signature medieval paladin armor is our aptly named “Paladin” line, forged from stainless steel and ornately etched with beautiful designs that are sure to make you stand out. It was one of our first collections, and was a truly unique item on the market at the time! It leaves you shining from head to toe – literally, the collection includes a helmet, gorget, two versions of pauldrons to choose from, cuirass, arm harness, gauntlets and demi-gauntlets, leg harness, sabatons, all expertly etched with our ArmStreet exclusive design.

A few years later, to extend the collection, we released an updated version with a few structural improvements and without etching - our “Errant Squire”. We wanted to make something that is premium in material and construction, but doesn’t have all of the fancy etching for those who want to be just a little bit more modest. Our Paladin collection now consists of more than 20 pieces of armour and accessories and remains one of our best-selling suits of armor!

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Become a medieval paladin

Do you have dreams of going on an adventure? Have you always felt that you would be more at home exploring forests, searching for lost artefacts, guarding keeps, going on quests and patrolling castle walls at night? Well, with our Paladin collection, it’s easier than ever before. We provide you with all of the resources you need to build a fantastic costume that will take you out of modern times and right into adventure.

First, consider your Paladin clothing

Before you think about your armor, you should really consider your clothing - after all, you have to wear something under all of that steel. A medieval linen tunic and pants are a great way to start, along with some leather boots. If you are going to wear armor, you should also think about getting a gambeson: it gives you a place to attach your armor, and also gives you a little bit of extra padding where your armor might rub. Gambesons are often very fitted and can be made from linen, cotton or wool. Linen is best if you live in a warm environment and want something breathable and flexible, but wool offers more protection and can adapt to hot or cold weather. When it comes down to it, it’s up to you and what you’re comfortable with.

Put together your medieval paladin armor

Once you have figured out what you’re going to wear, you can put together your armor. You need to decide if you want to go with something visually stunning, or something a little bit more modest. If you want something fancy, go for our “Paladin” armor – it is ornately etched from top to bottom and looks incredibly noble. If you aren’t ready for something that magnificent yet, we also have our Errant Squire collection, which is a little bit more practical and plain. Both sets are constructed with premium materials and are solidly designed and built to last, as well as being made from stainless steel which is resistant to rust and easy to take care of.

Everything you need for a complete Paladin costume

We offer you everything you need to put together your kit: clothing, under armor, shoes, armor, and accessories. We have designed many collections over the years that you can mix and match to put together a costume that looks medieval and feels true to yourself. We offer express shipping and ship internationally, all over the world! It’s easier than ever before for you to look and feel amazing. If we have it in stock, you could be wearing it by next week.


Your choice of Paladin Armor Sets

You’re spoiled when it comes to choice – we have years of crafting experience and have come up with many different iterations of our Paladin sets:

  • Paladin (with etching)
  • Errant Squire (no etching)
  • Errant Squire II (no etching, added designs)

Each set offers something slightly different, so it’s up to you which one is going to be perfect for you and your character.

What is the perfect paladin helmet?

Choosing a helmet is a huge part of putting your kit together. The act of putting on a helmet covers your face and expression and masks your emotions. This is both a positive and negative – having your intentions hidden is useful during a fight, but when it comes to expressing your personality it can be hindering. With our Paladin collection, we have chosen the noble bascinet, as it is classic, refined and looks fantastic. If this isn’t the helmet for you, no worries – we have many other options available in our other collections.

Wear real paladin armor

Why settle for plastic replicas and cheap armor, when you can wear something real? At ArmStreet, we believe in using the best materials to make armor that looks fantastical but is nothing but real! Actual paladin knight armor would be made from steel, so we have made ours from steel.

Be a historical paladin

We feel that the best fantasy is based on history. That is why this whole collection is historically inspired and based on armor from the XV century. This means that it is functional and actually useful, and has a real authentic look that you won’t find in fantasy armor. On top of this, we have added etching that is a work of fantasy, but we feel could have existed. This combines fantasy and history in the best way.

 Impress as the best dressed LARP paladin

Imagine walking into your LARP game wearing this amazing armor! It basically demands respect from your friends and enemies alike. LARP paladin armor can be difficult to put together, because you want something that is comfortable and easy to move in, but also visually amazing. That is one of the reasons that we designed this set – to make sure you make the biggest impact possible while still being able to fight.

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