The collection unites our highly popular Paladin sets of armour from both generations with our newly announced Errant Squire items: technically updated versions of the same well-known and successful armor pieces now available without etching. Whether you are ready for a new full harness or would like to upgrade your protection one element at a time, this collection provides you with a variety of choices.

An honoured knight is always in the limelight and the signature ArmStreet etching adds some extra shine to your noble appearance. The full Paladin set is covered with etched patterns from head to toe, literally: helmet, gorget, two versions of pauldrons to choose from, cuirass, arm harness, gauntlets and demi-gauntlets, leg harness, sabatons. Our Errant Squire collection extends the set to welcome pieces with a bit more modesty, but the same brilliant flexibility, protection and well thought through designs.

Shaped and interconnected to provide the maximum protection without hindering movements on the battlefield, our Paladin armor has been one of our best sellers for years. Attention to the finer details is evident in the cast buckles, reliable leather straps and perfectly articulated joints.

Consisting of more than 20 pieces of armour and accessories this collection is historically inspired and will fit well your persona from the XV century.

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