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Medieval Armor

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Medieval and fantasy functional armour 

Western and Eastern Combat armor for sale online

Here you can find all our armor pieces and enjoy our SCA armor, historically accurate medieval armor kits, lamellar and leather armor, fantasy armor, medieval helmets, bracers, pauldrons and other plate armor pieces, beautiful full knight and jousting armor kits.

Our armour is widely known among SCA fighters, jousting and rebated steel warriors, LARP folks, period theater and movie groups and events.

We produce a lot of historically accurate armour for reenactors and tournaments fighters as well as line of fantasy armor plus period armour stylization. Our etching on stainless steel is one of the best (if not the best) in the world. We use almost all known technologies like hot and cold-forging, etching, engraving on steel and brass, casting and leather embossing providing both great look and functionality to our customers. Every day we are doing our best to improve our skills and armor quality.

Design & Development: ArtAround
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