Long Gambeson "Layer One" SCA WMA

Linen under-armor padded jacket

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Long Gambeson for SCA/WMA sport

Sport edition linen under armor protection for swordsmen

This long flax linen gambeson with contrasting borders is tailored to fit seamlessly into modern swordplay formats that employ full armor, such as WMA, SCA heavy, etc. Crafted with thorough attention to the current needs of historical swordsmanship enthusiasts, it echoes the classic cut of the Duke of Anjou's pourpoint. The narrowed sleeves ensure a comfortable fit under armor, promoting unrestricted movement. High-quality materials, including natural flax linen lining, leather straps, and buckles, elevate both function and appearance. The dense batting filling with additional padding on the chest and shoulders guarantees superior protection and shock absorption under cuirass and pauldrons. At the same time, the stand-up collar provides extra comfort for gorgets and helmets.

We are incredibly proud of the seams in every gambeson in the "Layer One" series. Careful seam construction allows them to be as slim as possible, eliminating chafing and ensuring a comfortable fencing experience. The two-seam sleeve offers unrestricted movement, especially in the elbow area, while the gusset allows full arm mobility without compromising the waistline. The sports version features Velcro closures for easy wear and a practical slit with Velcro at the wrists for adjustability under forearm gear.

Leather arming points at the shoulders and elbows enhance convenience in putting on and securing armor exactly where it should be. The gambeson "Layer One" seamlessly blends historical authenticity with modern comfort, ensuring safety and practicality in every bout.

The intended use for this gambeson is to work up to its name and be the inner layer under your armor for the SCA heavy and all types of rebates steel tournament swordplay. However, many people use our gambesons for cut and thrust and other Renaissance fencing activities, including HEMA, which works depending on your club's or competition's regulations. However, for HEMA, we recommend our HEMA-oriented gear, which includes 350N-rated fencing jackets with a collar blade catcher pocket.

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  • Flax linen outer layer;
  • Flax linen lining;
  • Leather fastenings;
  • Batting filling.


  • Pattern based on historical findings;
  • Contrasting lining and accents;
  • Designed for ultimate freedom of movement;
  • Velcro closures double the leather fastenings;

  • Perfect shock absorption under armor.

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