Medieval Leg armour

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Medieval leg armor

Leg armor is an important part of medieval armor, whether it's a full knight suit of plate armor or a simple early armor kit with a chainmail and simple arms and legs protection. Medieval leg armor is one of the most complex and sophisticated parts of the armor and its production requires a lot of experience and a top level of craftsmanship. ArmStreet makes all types of medieval leg armor, from stainless steel legs for the SCA-heavy and steel sword-fighting armored combat to lighter-grade hardened spring steel knees, greaves, and shin-guards for WMA renaissance weapon cut and thrust dueling martial arts, from reenactment Viking leather leg protection to steel and leather LARP armor. We have one of the largest stocks in the world with our most popular armor, delivering knees, greaves, and all other medieval armor parts to practically any corner of the world, focusing on offering efficient workflow for our customers in the United States, Canada, UK, Australia and Western European countries

What are the main parts of armored legs?

Medieval knight plate armor kit was an ultimate weapon of the medieval battlefield, so each part of the armor had a name, and most of the variations and designs were well-documented due to the high value and important role of the armour. The main parts of the medieval armored legs are the following:

  • Greaves - the lowest part of the armored leg, usually connected to the knees. Depending on the style and the period of the armor, greaves could vary from half-round to full-round, covering accordingly only a front part of the shin or fully protecting it from all sides
  • Poleyns, or just knees - the knee protection, often with several extra plates to connect poleyns to the greaves on the bottom and to the thigh armor on the top. Knight armor poleyns also had side wings. In the XIV century, poleyns developed heart-shaped wings, which became one of the definitive features of the plate armor legs
  • Cuisses are thigh armor, shaped anatomically to protect a warrior's thighs and often adjusted with one or several side and/or upper plates to improve the protection and flexibility of the armored leg
  • Sabatons, or armored boots, played a huge role in mounted combat, as a knight's legs were one of the most exposed parts and also played a role in an assault against infantry

Armor for Legs by ArmStreet for sale

ArmStreet provides an enormous selection of leg armor, and you can complete practically any kit with one of our armored leg parts.
We have a great line of lightweight knees (and elbows) for modern swordplay.
Our knight armor legs are designed by the best practice, supplying generations of SCA sword-fighters, LARPers, and Western Martial Arts practitioners with full-leg armor. Some of our designs are specifically made very versatile with sabatons, greaves, poleyns, and cuisses connecting with pins and clasps to allow different setups
Our Eastern and Rus leg armor designs include greaves with knees, different types of splinted greaves, and full splinted armor. We also have more fantasy-based solutions for Viking armor leg protection and all sorts of combined materials leg armour for LARPing.

As a counterbalance to such a diversity of styles, middle ages leg armor by ArmStreet has features in common: elaborate design, high-grade polishing, exclusively developed decorative patterns and precise quality control at every stage of production. Such armour provides you with impressive flexibility and confidence in reliable level of protection not to mention astonishing appearance.

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