Gothic Knight Cuisses leg armor

Articulated XV c. upper leg protection

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Gothic Knight Cuisses leg armor

Articulated XV century upper leg protection

When you go into a museum to look at armor, it’s hard to miss the medieval Gothic suits. Shiny and bold with a fitted shape and streamlined look, they are the very epitome of knightly. Well articulated for ease of movement and anatomically shaped, Gothic is well known for fitting close to the body and moving with the knight as if it’s clothing instead of heavy steel. Much of this effect comes from fine craftsmanship, precise measurements and fitting! First seen in the XV century, this sleek armor steals hearts with its fine shapes and artistic touches.

Here at ArmStreet, gothic armor is taken very seriously. It is a design that many of us love, and have invested a lot of time into making perfect. This is actually the third generation of our Gothic armor, meaning it’s our most amazing creation yet! We have taken everything we have learned from previous Gothic armor, historical research as well as other leg harnesses, and applied to this beautiful set of armor.

These cuisses are the perfect protection for your upper legs. They consist of two main parts: upper leg protection as well as an articulated knee piece, all completely riveted together. The thigh plates start with a leather segment with holes that allows you to point them to your pourpoint, arming belt or lendenier. From there you will find three articulated upper leg plates, providing you with some of the best flexibility we have ever created for leg armor. Sliding rivets on the outside of the leg also add to the amazing ease of movement, making them a fantastic piece of armor for horse riding or jousting. They wrap around just over half of your leg, leaving the back of your leg free to come into contact with the horse. That being said, this is also an excellent piece of armor for combat on foot, too. Three more articulated plates connect to the generous knee cop, which has beautiful sculptural fans and ends with three more lames under the knee.

Aside from being incredibly comfortable, this leg harness is also aesthetically striking. Stainless steel wire is twisted to become a roped edge along the top, and masterful fluting throughout makes them a marvel to look at. Solid brass rivets are used to strong construction, and robust leather straps and cast buckles feature to make this armor easy to put on. The whole harness looks sleek, fits closely and will surely make your friends and foes jealous.

There is one last thing for you to decide when buying these cuisses - the surface finish. We offer you two options: satin and mirror polish. Satin is matte and velvety in the way it reflects light. Mirror is incredibly shiny and more akin to a knight in shining armor. Both finishes are beautiful and lustrous, but it is up to you which finish will better suit the rest of your kit! Optionally, we can also make this set from mild steel, though we do encourage you to pick stainless steel, as it holds up much better to rust.

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  • 1.5mm stainless steel;
  • Leather straps;
  • Solid brass rivets;
  • Stainless steel wire.


  • Historically inspired;
  • Anatomically shaped;
  • Quality construction;
  • Decorative roped edge;
  • Smooth articulation;
  • Sliding rivets;
  • Fluting.

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1 Comment

  • Sam 06 of June 2019:

    Hey guys, I was just looking at ordering a pair of these, and I wanted to ask if the leather at the top designed to help hold them up if there are eyelets in those holes to help prevent the leather getting cut through by the cord, and if your meant to have some form of padding underneath? Cheers

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Sam, yes the leather on the top is made with holes for the arming points to attach the armor to the chausses or gambeson. There are no eyelet in the holes, you may check it on the third picture of the listing. 

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