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Generation III gothic armor

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There is nothing more beautiful than a well-constructed set of Gothic armor. We are incredibly excited to present to you one of our most artistic yet historical creations yet: our generation III Gothic knight collection. If you were lucky enough to use or even just see our first two iterations of this fantastic design, you know just how much work we put into this unique style of historical armor. Many years ago we fell in love with the stunning displays found in museums and decided that we wanted to make wearing such a chivalric, clean-cut style a reality for armor fans all over the world. So, next time you’re in a museum, remind yourself that you, too, can now be a knight in shining armor, too.

It is hard to deny that there is something utterly knightly about this type of armor. Perhaps it’s the mirror polish finish we have put on the armor in the photos, or perhaps it’s just the 15th-century time period in itself, but it absolutely radiates grace and importance.

To continue this feeling, we have also designed a special plaque belt as well as an enameled heraldic chain to add a pop of color to the set and finish off the look.

We each new design we have taken strides in making our gothic armor safer for the wearer, more comfortable, and of course, better looking. This time, we have made it from stainless steel, which is beautifully rust resistant as well as lustrous and robust. We have made the gauntlets some of our most protective to date, the helmet ready for combat, and the arm harness smooth as well as fully enclosed at the wrist. We couldn’t be more proud of the artistic progress we have made, as well: expert fluting, a rolled stainless steel wire edge, as well as some interesting work on the pauldrons and other little details throughout. Take a look for yourself and see what we’re talking about!

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Experience the beauty of Gothic plate armor

There are very few types of armor that can simply take your breath away with their flawless design and distinctive looks. Commonly thought of as 15th-century armor, this is a style that appeared late in the century and was often worn by knights, nobles, and other important people — usually those with no shortage of money. Gothic armor is still very popular today because of how beautiful it looks. It can be found in many museums and is often held up as one of the main pieces on display because of its striking aesthetic. They are more than just a decorative suit of armor, though. This design is renowned for being smooth, comfortable, and very fitted to the wearer's body. Luckily for you, we happen to produce one of the most fantastic suits on the market and are happy to ship it to you wherever you make live — even Australia.

ArmStreet understands how to make you a Gothic Knight.

We LOVE Gothic armor! The design makes us very excited and for a very long time, this type of armor was a passion project for us. After many, many experiments, and a huge amount of wasted steel, we have finally created the ultimate set that will surely make armor lovers all over the world happy. Our master blacksmith has taken a special liking to German Gothic armor as well as a few other styles, and made it his personal mission to create a suit that could have been worn by a knight on a horse, but also works well for combat on foot.

From helmet to gothic gauntlets, we have you covered.

Don’t look anywhere else to complete your gothic kit. We have specially designed everything in our new collection to match and to outfit you from head to toe. It starts with a fantastic gothic helmet: an XV century sallet with a bellows visor. All we need is your measurements, and we can get to work on making your new favorite suit of armor! This set is complete with solid brass rivets, premium materials such as stainless steel and quality leather, as well as perfectly articulated joints improved with sliding rivets and other features that we feel make this kit one of the best on the market. High gothic armor is far from easy to make — it has taken our master blacksmith a huge amount of work to perfect the graceful anatomical shaping and ornate fluting, so we couldn’t be more excited to share this beautiful set with you!

Gothic Knight Gothic Knight Gothic Knight
Gothic Knight

Medieval knight armor like none other

When you’re looking at various time periods and deciding what kind of knight you want to be, it is very difficult to make the decision! 14th-century armor was beautiful and practical, often including coat-of-plates and brigandine type chest armor to allow the user maximum protection as well as flexibility. It is very difficult to look beyond the beauty of slightly later armor, though, especially when it comes to European countries. Some styles of Italian armor, specifically Gothic, are incredibly eye-catching both for their sleek look, as well as their undeniable functionality.

Don’t forget men’s gothic belts and other accessories.

Sure, armor is very important. But, what are you going to wear on days when you don’t want to suit up completely? And is any outfit ever complete without accessories? We supply a number of different options for you to customize and finish off your gothic knight armor, including:

  • Belts
  • Shoes
  • Sabatons
  • Bags

… and don’t forget just plain clothing and padded armor for under your plate. We have a complete store that contains everything you need to be a valiant knight in shining armor, shipping all over the world, including the USA.

ArmStreet is the only place to go for gothic plate armor for sale.

Why go somewhere else for each piece when you can get it all right here? We have designed our armor as a complete set, where everything works together to provide you with maximum coverage without hindering your movement. We can’t guarantee you’re going to get the same amazing amount of protection from another brand or company. By completing your set right here at ArmStreet, you know that everything is going to not only work well but look amazing, too!

Finish off the look with a heraldic chain

If you are looking for the ultimate accessory to finish your look, look no further than a livery collar. This chain was often worn by nobles, knights, and other important people of interest, and was displayed to show rank and importance. Our chain is expertly made by our jewelry, and finished off with enamel to really make it stand out from the stainless steel armor. You can choose which color we use for the enamel, meaning it is a custom livery collar, specially made to suit your SCA household, reenactment group or LARP team.

Worldwide shipping.

If you’re sitting at your computer at some far end of the world, worry not! We are experts at making armor remotely and have shipped our items to customers in countless countries. We can ship by either regular post or (we recommend) UPS, which usually only takes a week once your item is completed and includes tracking to make sure nothing goes amiss. We are always happy to discuss different shipping options and to figure out the time frame for manufacture, so get in touch!

Gothic Knight
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