Gothic Armor Knight Cuirass

2-piece medieval chest protection


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Gothic Armor Knight Cuirass

2-piece medieval breastplate chest protection

There are very few styles of armor more striking and beautiful than Gothic. When referring to Gothic armor, we aren’t using in the way that we use it as a modern term, or when referring to architecture, and instead refer to a specific type of medieval armor. Gothic armor gained popularity in the late XV century, during a very exciting time for fashion and armor. Beautiful, well constructed, and full of fine craftsmanship and aesthetic details, it’s difficult to deny that Gothic armor was in a whole league of its own.

This kit is more than just a set of Gothic armor to us. It’s the third iteration of our Gothic endeavors and sports a new and improved design that better fits the body than our previous attempts. This style of armor takes great expertise to create, and our master blacksmith has dedicated countless hours into making sure this kit is utterly perfect. He has based it on a late XV Gothic style, is very knightly, and it is optimized to be used on a horse - though it will work just as well in a fight on foot.

The cuirass consists of two main pieces: a breastplate and a backplate. The bottom of the breastplate should sit right on your waist (with the backplate sculpting in at the back towards your waist with that stunning gothic fluting). From the end of the breastplate and backplate are three faulds, well articulated with the help of leather strapping on the inside. These faulds are also beautifully fluted as you would expect from any gothic armor. The best aspect of faulds is that they extend the coverage of the breastplate and provide you with protection, while also leaving you with enough mobility to bend over and move around. On the bottom fauld you’ll find straps and buckles that allow you to attach and remove tassets, which extend down past the faulds and provide you with a little bit more protection on your legs.

Every last detail on this cuirass is created with care and high-quality materials. Straps at the shoulders and sides are used to attach the breastplate and backplate and allow you the best possible fit. The side straps come from the backplate around to the front of the breastplate to do up with a buckle. These are robust straps crafted from quality leather, along with perfect little cast medieval buckles that are strong but also look the part. It is assembled with brass rivets, and includes a rolled stainless steel wire as a roped edge along the top of the cuirass, which is the perfect finishing touch.

There are two possible surface finishes with this cuirass, so it is up to you what kind of final look you end up going for. It can be constructed out of either mild or stainless steel. We highly recommend stainless steel, as it has better structural integrity and is also rust resistant, meaning it will take less work to remain shiny and beautiful. The surface finishes we offer are mirror finish (which is incredibly shiny), and satin, which is matte and a little bit less knight-in-shining-armor.

Due to the fitted nature of this breastplate, it is incredibly important that you provide us with exact measurements. Please make sure you are measuring yourself correctly, obtain the correct number, and then measure again to double check.

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

Important note about measurements: please take into account that we need your measurements in gambeson, choses or other under-armour gear you are planning to use with this armor. The only exception is when you are ordering both armour and padding from our company — in this case you can send us your body measurements. For sabatons please send your footwear actual measurements.


  • 1.5mm (16ga) stainless steel;
  • Stainless steel wire;
  • Brass rivets;
  • Leather straps;
  • Brass buckles.


  • Historically inspired;
  • Great craftsmanship and design;
  • Roped wire edge;
  • Decorative fluting;
  • Articulated faulds;
  • Well fitted.

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1 Comment

  • Zaid 28 of December 2019:

    How much would this cost without fluting?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hello Zaid, we do not sell it without fluting, unfortunately. You may order Errant Squire cuirass instead. 

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