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Gothic Knight Sallet Helmet

XV century helmet with bellows visor


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Gothic Knight Sallet Helmet

XV century helmet with bellows visor

One style of armor that never fails to dazzle is Gothic. Found in museums around the world and often held up as the pinnacle of aesthetic perfection, this very specific style of armor was most prevalent in the late XV century and beyond. This style of helmet, the sallet, is also an undeniably beautiful design of the XV century, combining great aesthetics with safe protection to create a piece of armor that is as visually striking as it is functional.

We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved with this armor. It’s more than just a simple set of gothic armor for us, instead, it is a feat of craftsmanship achieved after years of work from our master blacksmith. This is far from the first iteration of our gothic armor – in fact, we consider it to be “version 3” due to the number of constant upgrades and changes we have been making over the years.

Sallets were an incredibly popular form of helmet, which ended up replacing the bascinet as the most popular war helmet. When looking at early sallets you can see how their shape originally took after bascinets, and eventually deviated into a more pointed, streamlined look. Our Gothic sallet is deep and long and intended not to be worn with a bevor (which was another popular style). While many sallets ended up open-faced, with this sallet we have chosen to include a bellows face visor, which looks amazing and also allows for decent ventilation from perforations despite covering most of your face. The brow of the sallet is reinforced with an additional 1.5mm stainless steel piece, and the back of the helmet has an articulated point that will protect the back of your neck comfortably.

We have gone the extra mile to make sure this helmet is both safe and beautiful. The weld at the top of the helmet has been reinforced with an attractive peak, which is historical and adds to the overall look of the helmet, which is big, beautiful and solid. We have created roping along the bottom of the helmet out of stainless steel wire, which just gives it that extra little bit of aesthetic appeal whilst also adding more structural integrity to the bottom edge. The visor is easy to wear both up and down, as a simple push-pin mechanism on the side of it allow you the convenience of locking the visor in place, without looking outwardly modern or noticeable at all.

Crafted from quality 2mm stainless steel and assembled with solid brass rivets, this helmet comes pre-padded with historically inspired linen padding and robust leather straps. We have two different surface finishes available: mirror polish and satin. The mirror polish is incredibly shiny, whereas satin will give you a more modest look. We can also make this helmet in mild steel, though we highly recommend stainless steel as your material because it is rust resistant, strong, and holds up very well. Overall, this sallet helps evoke a knightly, respectable look, which will serve you well in battle.

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  • 2mm stainless steel;
 Brass rivets;
 Leather straps;
 Natural batting;
 Linen padding cover.


  • Historically inspired;
 Knightly aesthetic;
 Great face protection;
 Good ventilation due to perforations in the visor;
 The visor can be locked up or down;
 Riped edging along the bottom;
 Reinforced brow line;
 An articulated point at the back.

Padding options:

  • no padding by request;
  • cell foam fabric padding.

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1 Comment

  • Zaid 08 of December 2019:

    Can the visor have verticle steel things inside of it to prevent getting sliced in the face... regulations require it

    ArmStreet Team:

    Yes, we can add vertical bars. 

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1 feedback

  • Guest 18 of May 2023:

    Robust helmet

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