Cloak pins and Fibulas

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Cloak pins, brooches and fibulas from our workshop

Here at ArmStreet we don’t only produce all of these beautiful creations, but we design them on our own as well! We are equipped with a complete jewelers workshop that gives us the ability to manufacture and finish our pieces, with comfortable room for our designers to work and be creative. Stainless steel, brass and other materials such as stainless steel are used to make pieces of breathtaking beauty that you’ll be dreaming of until you own a medieval fibula for yourself!

Though some of our pieces are museum quality reenactment replicas, we are also inspired by a number of different ages to make creative pieces with our own unique twist, which is what makes us the ideal medieval brooch store! We think that history is beautiful but also want to reflect our modern times in almost everything we make. Using a combination of traditional handcraft and cutting-edge techniques, we combine antiquity and technology for the perfect harmony of old and new.

What is a fibula or brooch, you ask?

In the XIV century, they were used as decoration on hats and clothing and often carried great symbolism and were worn as favors from lovers and friends. They were also used to signify rank, achievements, or just for fun! We can never entirely be sure of the significance of each design, as historically thousands of different brooches have been found all over the world. So what is the fibula used for? Viking women wore dual brooches on their chest to hold their dresses together and hang ornate beads. Fibulas were also used to hold cloaks together and were used in many different time periods up until cloaks went out of fashion. Other than that, they provided decoration and were worn for the sale of fashion

Medieval Cloak Pins

All of our medieval and fantasy cloak pins are created using quality materials and robust construction, meaning you can count on our clasps to hold your cloak well. Solid brass and stainless steel with thick pins are often used to make a cape pin that stand the test of time. We have adorned our brooches and fibulas in a number of different ways to make sure each and every one of them is not only useful but also a pleasure to look at.

Here are some of the interesting new technologies we have been using recently to create new and interesting aesthetics:

  • Electro-etching
  • Leather combined with metals
  • Filigree laser cutting
  • Enameling
  • Chemical blackening
  • Pearls and other beads

Electro acid etching is a great way to add deep, decorative design into a smooth brooch, and can be seen in many of our works. We very much consider this an ArmStreet-signature technique, as it is one of the first technologies we started using and is something we have truly perfected. Laser cutting is another interesting technology we have started to use in the last few years to cut our shapes and also create thin, smooth lines that turn into beautiful filigrees in much of our jewelry.

Chemical blackening and enamel are our most recent technologies, and they have led to some of our most interesting jewelry so far! Chemical blackening gives the brass a deep, aged luster, whereas enameling allows us to add colors and textures, which are signature to the Middle Ages brooch.

If you are in the market for a fibula, you have come to the right place, as we have many different styles of the medieval brooch for sale! We are always working hard to discover new and exciting ways to make unforgettable jewelry for you to add your collection.

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